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  1. blueadams

    Pre-Draft "State of the Rebuild" Assessment

    Dude. 4 real fans are better than 400 whatevers. or 800 moderators. I’m only 33, but many of us were here. The Junior Red Wings, Jesse Wallin, Cobo, The Vipers, The People Mover, the ‘94 World Cup. The Red Wings will once again reign supreme.
  2. blueadams

    Pre-Draft "State of the Rebuild" Assessment

    Seems like a good percentage of the true fans who stuck it out enjoyed my membership here before I was banned, chief.
  3. blueadams

    Pre-Draft "State of the Rebuild" Assessment

    Hahah, few things. 1 being ‘less is more.’ 2. Happy Gilmore’s mother and I haven’t been within 1,500 miles of a hockey rink in quite some time, and some of these countries make streaming very difficult. 3. I felt tremendous, literal pain watching the last yrs of Datsyuk’s prime being wasted alongside an over-the-hill Bertuzzi. The better question is why wasn’t everyone else making weekly line posts!? I think the last lines I can remember old me posting featured Zach Parise and Ryan Suter lol.. the last gasp of Pavel-era hope.
  4. blueadams

    Pre-Draft "State of the Rebuild" Assessment

    Same man, plus a few yrs. Maan. There were some bandwagon trolls on here through the mid-2010’s. Me suggesting that Ken Holland might not have any (blank)ing idea what he was doing without Bowman, I recall, was the source of a lot of their anger towards me. But you know how it goes.. they try to get a rise out of young-you, they do, and then they go tell on you to their moderator friend. Never stopped watching or going to games (while I still lived in the US). But I dedicated about 90% of my sports time back to the legends starting the day Yzerman became reality. I’d tried re-creating my handle a few times before then.. but destiny has a way.
  5. Focusing a lot more on current prospects than potential prospects here.. so I thought it'd be okay outside of the 51pg draft thread.. apologies if that's not the case (and feel free to move it there!). I value Steve's opinion so infinitely more than my own when it comes to draft prospects.. it just seems silly to speculate about this or that potential draftee. We can sort of take a look at what he's holding.. and at what he might be looking to add over the next 2-3 yrs though. Would really love to hear your guys' thoughts on the state of the program, plans, ideas, etc.!! What do we have / What do we need? FORWARDS. -Larkin. 23. Legit top-6 center on a contender (OaC). -Mantha. 25. Will be resigned. Legit top-6 wing OaC. -Zadina. 20. Certainly looking to have top-6 OaC wing potential at this point. -Bertuzzi. 25. Will be resigned. Legit middle-6 wing OaC. -Fabbri. 24. Will be resigned. To me, seems to be finding what made him a 1st rd. pick in the first place ~ a legit middle-6 wing OaC. -Veleno. 20. Certainly sounds to be projecting as a middle-6 center OaC. -Rasmussen. 21. Sounds to be projecting as a bottom-6 center/special teams star OaC. -Mastrosimone. 19. I really like him. 2nd rd. pick last yr.. middle-6 or bottom-6 winger OaC I think is conservative. -Berggren(19), Soderblom(18), Phillips(19), Grewe(19). Hard to imagine 1 or 2 of those guys *not becoming a solid bottom-6 winger in the league. *Needs* -- 1) A Top-Six Center. Could be Rossi or whoever Steve likes at #4. 2) A really, really good wing.. preferably on the left side. There's not really a star scorer on this team. Maybe Steve likes a guy at 4? Maybe it's a future 1st. A big FA signing when the time's right? A hidden gem? Who knows. 3) A good RW for the 3rd line. Could probably find one of these with one of our 3 2nd rd. picks this yr. ???---Larkin---Mantha Bertuzzi---*Rossi---Zadina Fabbri---Veleno---2nd Mastrosimone---Rasmussen---Grewe/Phillips/Berggren/Soderblom/Smith/Svech/etc. DEFENSE: -Seider. 19. Got your top pair on the right-side. -Hronek. 22. Got your second pair on the right side. -Tuomisto. 19. I'm an admitted big fan.. but 3rd pair RD OaC seems very plausible to me. -Johansson. 19. Sure as hell sounds like a 2nd or 3rd pair LD OaC to me. -McIsaac. 20. Probably projecting as a good defensive 3rd pair LD OaC. -Maybe Cholo figures it out. Berglund and Cooper Moore I like. Lindstrom. Some guys who could be OaC roster somewhere, potentially. *Needs* -- 1) Top-pair LD. '21 Draft seems like a nice place to find one. But in SteveY I trust. 2) Another 2nd or 3rd pair LD to compete with Johansson and McIsaac. Could be one of those for us in the 2nd this yr. (*1st in '21)---Seider Johansson---Hronek 2nd/McIsaac/Cholo/Moore---Tuomisto/Berglund/Lindstrom GOALIE: -Petruzzelli(21)'s the guy I'd mention in the system if I had to pick one--but you're not really expecting him to ever be a star, or even starter. If Steve likes the Russian sensation.. it doesn't seem like it'd be impossible to attach a current or future 2nd or 3rd to #32 to move up into the teens to get him. Maybe there's someone else Steve likes? Either way.. it'd be very nice and possible to walk out of this draft with a legit goalie of the future prospect.
  6. blueadams

    2020 Draft Thread

    *Reality Check* Angry about the lotto, okay. But angry in general... come on.. Seider was ranked in the mid-to-late 20's last yr; he's already considered probably the 2nd or 3rd best prospect in the class just a yr later. We've got 3 2nd's, 2 3rd's, 2 4th's. Picking at #4 may be low enough to justify drafting a guy who's pretty unanimously agreed upon as being the best goalie prospect of the past decade. Marco Rossi seems like a special QB-playmaker. Raymond is very exciting. There are probably at least 2 guys none of us have ever seen or talked about who Yzerman will very seriously consider with the pick. And odds are, we're not going to draft anyone who's going to screw up our odds of the top pick next yr (or our placement in subsequent rounds.. 2 2nd's and 2 3rds in '21). This rebuild has several more miles to it.
  7. Agree completely with everything you said ^. Don't sleep on Tuomisto or Johansson though. Or on the chance that Yzerman could draft another really good goalie. Much, much, much yet to be seen. But I agree that we already do have a lot of solid pieces in place, and aren't really looking at totally impossible odds of filling our remaining needs.
  8. 1) I really am trying to be overly conservative with the projection on Holland's picks in particular. I'm also trying to say..."Hey, who's a top-6 guy on a Stanley Cup Winning Team?" not just "Who's a top-6 guy on a.. playoff team?" 2) The way we talk about forward projections is a little misleading. It's very rare for a team (even a great team) to have 3 elite talents on one line. There's almost always a dirty-work, energy guy there too. Is Bertuzzi, for example, a top-6 talent? No. Can he play on a top-6 line? Of course! 3) I think the real difference between us is that I love Yzerman's 2nd rd D picks from last yr, Tuomisto and Johansson. Mastrosimone too. I've already sort of moved on from guys like Lindstrom. **Could someone tell me (or at least give me an idea of what they might be, obviously?) what the most recent organizational views on Cholowski are? He always seemed like a sure-thing #1 PP prospect to me. Is his defense still coming along? Are we still eventually relying on him to be a guy for us? Or is he sort of starting to fall to the way-side? Hopefully we'll have a lot of high-end cheap recently-drafted talent playing well..
  9. Just speaking very broadly and inaccurately here, of course... 1) Say we're bad the next two yrs (not impossible), and get 3 really high 1st rd picks. Draft.. a forward, a defenseman and another forward. 2) Say we draft a forward, a defenseman and a goalie in the 2nd rd of the the 2020 draft. 3) Say we draft a forward and another goalie (doubling up) in the 2nd rd of the 2021 draft. What could that team look like heading into the 2022-23 season.. ?? Forwards: -Top Six: 1) *(2020 1st Rd. Pick)* 2) *(2022 1st Rd. Pick)* 3) Larkin(25) 4) Mantha(27) 5) Zadina(22) 6) Bertuzzi(27) -Bottom Six: 7) Fabbri(26) 8) Veleno(22) 9) Rasmussen(22) 10) Mastrosimone(21) 11) *(2020 2nd Rd. Pick)* 12) *(2021 2nd Rd. Pick)* Defensemen: -Top Pair: 1) Seider(20) 2) *(2021 1st Rd. Pick)* -Second Pair: 3) Hronek(24) 4) McIsaac(21) -Third Pair: 5) Tuomisto(21) 6) Johansson(21) or *(2020 2nd Rd. Pick)* Goalies: -Starter: 1) *(2020 2nd Rd. Pick)* or *(2021 2nd Rd. Pick)* -Backup: 2) FA/Prospect ...Obviously, who the hell knows. But that's ^ a lot of young talent and high picks (and I really like Yzerman's odds with high picks). It's not unrealistic. It doesn't even take into account big FA signings or potential late rd. surprises. Things are looking very promising and I can't wait.