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  1. 3 hours ago, Jimmybigrigs69 said:

    Multiple trades have fizzled out for Rutger McGOATry because of his demand to play in the NHL right away reportedly. 

    Kienan Draper needs to talk some sense into this kid. 

    Yeah no team is guaranteeing him a roster spot on any team. Even playing in college. most players need at least one year in the minors.

  2. 4 hours ago, Jimmybigrigs69 said:

    BREAKING NEWS: The NHL makes history as Kelly Trouba becomes the first ever hockey wife to have a career/family. 

    "This is new territory for the Rangers and everyone in the league." Chris Drury told TSN. "Our in house counsel and the players union are reviewing the CBA on the matter as we speak"

    This could complicate trading Trouba for the Rangers. Traditionally NHL players only wed drunk in bed all day sleepy wine wives. These women were normally so drunk and full of xanax they wouldnt even realize they were in a new home in a new city. 

    Will the Rangers destroy this historic family and shatter a boss ***** queens career just to save a petty 7 million dollars? 

    More to follow as the days unfold. 

    He can rot there for the next year, Kelly has Jacob wrapped around her little finger.

  3. 25 minutes ago, AtlantaHotWings said:

    Worth giving Holl and a 2026 pick to them?

    They get a body vs empty space for $$

    Holl is about 50% of Fowler for the cap

    and the pick is a thank you. 


    Works for me.

  4. On 7/1/2024 at 9:31 PM, Axl Foley said:

    As of today, he has a 15 team no trade clause. Detroit would presumably NOT be on his list if he wanted to leave NY. However, since he knows there were talks beforehand, he could put them on his list just so that he doesn't get traded, if he wants to stay in NY.

    Ha Ha Ha If Chris Drury wants to be a prick, He can put Trouba on waivers and send him to the Sharks like Goodrow and he has no say. He's definitely gone next year because Drury needs to give Igor Shesterkin his 8 x $12,900,000 or so that he's seeking.

  5. 2 hours ago, LeftWinger said:

    If not Trouba, maybe Fowler? Since Anaheim has to get above the floor, they can retain 50% and take some salary back. Problem is his M-NTC only includes 4 teams he'll accept a trade to. Doubt he'd waive to come here. 

    LOL Cam Fowler would waive 100% to come home to Detroit, he and his wife just bought a new home in West Bloomfield like a few years ago to raise their future family in. He'd waive 100% to come home to Detroit.

  6. 14 hours ago, LeftWinger said:

    I don't think he does. We're definitely wasting the year Kane gave us. He'll be TDL bound.

    Nope Kane already said that he's not uprooting his family again, That's why he has the NMC. he's basically said that he's playing the entire season out. Regardless of playoffs or not 

  7. 12 hours ago, Scott R Lucidi said:

    Claude Lemieux has given the SCAM his number.  Seeking 10.5 mil per for 8 years.  Cited Nurse and Fox as comparables.  

    Ha Ha Ha a 40-50 point 1st pairing RHD who hits a little and blocks shots. Isn't getting no $10,500,000 that's for high scoring Offensive Dmen not Defensive Dmen.