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  1. On 8/10/2021 at 11:39 AM, marcaractac said:

    Vrana locked in for 3 years, 5.25 per. Friedman with the news. 

    This is a great deal for both sides, Hopefully Vrana can light it up these next 3 years. it either increases his trade value. Or more then likely he gets a better long term offer.

    11 hours ago, marcaractac said:

    I feel we'll finish in the 8-10 range. 

    Same here, 8-10 range seems pretty likely.

  2. 6 hours ago, LeftWinger said:

    Buffalo should be getting back one of Lafrinere or Kakko

    I'd agree if Jack Eichel were totally healthy, But with a herniated disc in his neck. he's not getting that kind of return.

  3. 2 hours ago, F.Michael said:

    wow - from the sounds of things is Yzerman really gonna ship him out ?

    Yeah maybe in a package for Zach Werenski, Yzerman just tendered him a contract. So to say there's been no contract discussion's is pure BS.

  4. On 7/22/2021 at 11:51 AM, krsmith17 said:

    I don't get the Virtanen buy-out... I get that he hasn't been good, but you'd think Benning would be able to make a deal with some team, even if he had to retain salary and / or throw in a late round pick. I would have taken a flyer on Virtanen at $1.275M for one year. Hell, I'd probably even give up a late round pick...

    EDIT: Never mind. I just had a look at his buy-out. and apparently it will only cost the Canucks $50K this season, and $500K next season... That doesn't seem right to me. I thought it was 3/4 of the total owing spread over double the years remaining?...

    Jake Virtanen is under criminal investigation for assaulting a woman a few years ago, That;s why he's being boughtout and why no GM will have anything to do with him.

  5. 3 hours ago, krsmith17 said:

    AND New Jersey #4OA...

    Shouldn't be that hard...

    NJD trade around Subban, LAK trade around Bertuzzi, and VAN trade around Eriksson...

    1. BUF - Owen Power
    2. SEA - Matthew Beniers
    3. ANA - Simon Edvinsson
    4. DET - William Eklund
    5. CBJ - Mason McTavish
    6. DET - Luke Hughes
    7. SJS - Brandt Clarke
    8. DET - Dylan Guenther
    9. DET - Jesper Wallstedt

    Game's easy...

    One can only dream.

    1 hour ago, BarkBurgerman said:

    Just rumor that they selected Vince Dunn at this point. The other rumor is that other teams offered to trade for Tarasenko if Seattle selected him, but that they wanted Seattle to retain salary on him. Maybe that was the road block there.

    Russo is also saying that contrary to rumor, Seattle did not select G Kappo Kahkonen from the Wild

    I believe that Ron Francis took Soucy from the Wild.

  6. 2 hours ago, The 91 of Ryans said:

    Wonder if the Wild are taking a hard run at Eichel...........

    With $13,000,000 in dead money next year and $14,600,000 in dead cap the next 2 years after that. highly unlikely good luck with him even being able to afford Kaprizov let alone adding Eichel to the mix.

  7. 18 hours ago, BarkBurgerman said:

    Boy I hope it's Vancouver and not Toronto. Will be hard to watch a fan favorite go to the Leafs.

    Eriksson + Juolevi + 9th overall this year for Bertuzzi

    Heck no Eriksson and juolevi are trash and the 9th overall pick in a weak draft that still 3-4 years away from playing. No thanks. From Vancouver it starts with Boeser and Podkolzin nothing less.

    18 hours ago, LeftWinger said:

    Friedman is now reporting Yzerman indeed taking calls on Bertuzzi. Believes Toronto and Vancouver are front runners 

    Yzerman also said that he plans on signing Bert to a multi year deal and keep him. Yeah Yzerman is fielding calls doesn't mean he's moving Bert though. And saying that Toronto and Vancouver are front runner is laughable considering neither will give Yzerman his asking price.

  8. On 7/10/2021 at 1:33 AM, LeftWinger said:

    I happen to believe Bertuzzi will be dealt. 

    The only way Bertuzzi is dealt, is if he tells Yzerman he plans on going to free agency and wont sign long term.

    18 hours ago, LeftWinger said:

    Friedman is now reporting Yzerman indeed taking calls on Bertuzzi. Believes Toronto and Vancouver are front runners 

    From Toronto it starts with Robertson, Vancouver Boeser and Podkolzin.

  9. 17 hours ago, Noodles22 said:

    I agree.  I just checked out a Vancouver forum and some fans are very excited about the idea of getting Bertuzzi and some have even said "just give a 3rd rounder because he has injury issues".  Other fanbases have no clue about how valuable Bert is.  If Vancouver wants Bert, for me the conversation starts and ends with Brock Boeser, that is how much I value Bertuzzi.  I would not even trade for the #9 pick straight up for Bert because I would have my doubts that whoever we would get at 9 in a weaker draft would add as much value as Bert.  One thing none of us know though is what is happening behind the scenes.  The last time they had to negotiate with Bertuzzi it was not easy and I could be wrong but I think they had to go to arbitration.  There might be a situation going on where Stevie knows that Bert won't be an easy signing or that Bert values himself injury history and all, to be much higher than the Wings think he should be paid.  I really don't want to see him traded.  I would love to see how a Larkin-Vrana-Bert line plays out.

    Yeah well Canuck fans are delusional if they think we'd take a 3rd rounder because of Tyler Bertuzzi's injury history. This is the only season he's missed tons of time due to an injury. if this were the case then jack Eichel has no value. fans are. Honestly Vancouver doesn't have a single piece outside like you said Brock Boeser that would even entice me to move Bertuzzi to Vancouver. Podkolzin at least would need to come back as well. Vancouver's prospect pool is shallow as it is. No thanks from Vancouver they can keep their scraps. 

  10. On 7/9/2021 at 5:14 PM, LeftWinger said:

    Has anyone been bought out yet? Sheesh, from the sound of the writers, I thought there'd be a bunch. When does the window close?

    Nope, none that i've seen yet.

    18 hours ago, LeftWinger said:

    I'm betting Nielsen and Dekeyser.

    Are we only alloted 2? Is there another window? I thought it had something to do with arbitration filings later...

    Makes absolutely no sense to buy out DeKeyser and Nielsen, if you want to open up spots for the youngsters just bury them in GR and let them mentor the kids there for 1 year. There's only another window if a player takes the team to salary arbitration.