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  1. The Chris Osgood discussion thread

    I don't know if it was the last time it happened, but that is what the wings did in 97...Osgood started far more games in the regular season, but it was Vernon who got the nod for the playoffs...what was the result of that again? The "detrimental" effect on Osgood's progress from that move was really lacking the next year when Osgood was in net for a cup run... In the playoffs, when you have a proven veteran goalie...you go with him.
  2. Comcast in the looks of buying NBC

    Either way, it's comcast... After MANY, MANY bad experiences with them, I swore years ago that they would never get any of my money again if I could help it...so far, I have stuck to that...
  3. Comcast in the looks of buying NBC

    http://www.cjr.org/resources/index.php?c=comcast Comcast Corporation 1500 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 Voice 1-800-Comcast www.comcast.com * Holdings Cable Comcast Cable Programming E! Entertainment Style Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic Comcast SportsNet Chicago Comcast SportsNet West SportsNet New York (partial) The Golf Channel Versus Network AZN Television PBS KIDS Sprout TV One G4 Sport Franchises Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia Phantoms Philadelphia Charge Frederick Keys Delmarva Shorebirds Bowie Baysox Other Through Comcast Spectacor Wachovia Center Wachovia Spectrum Ovations Food Services New Era Tickets Front Row Marketing Services Comcast owns VS, which is a Mickey Mouse network. This doesn't mean that Disney is involved...it's like when Gretzky called the Devils a Mickey Mouse Franchise...
  4. Comcast in the looks of buying NBC

    Lets not forget that Comcast owns the Mickey Mouse network that the NHL is currently under contract with... Comcast buying NBC will not get them off of VS...
  5. Comcast in the looks of buying NBC

    Comcast is, in my opinion (based on my experiences dealing with them), one of the worst corporations in the world...so (again in my opinion) this can only end bad.
  6. Dandenault released by Sharks

    He was awful when he was here. He was awful when he left. Why bring him back, even if it is for Grand Rapids? I really see no benefit in this at all.
  7. Will Babs start a Swedish 5 in the season opener?

    I don't see any reason to ever play Franzen and Holmstrom on the same line...they play the same role.
  8. Tatar guns for spot with Griffins

    Nope...I think of this:
  9. SURPRISE! Gaborik hurt already

    Tim Connolly...I don't think he can go a practice without some sort of injury...
  10. So which defenseman is going to be traded? (poll)

    Any defenseman with offensive ability playing alongside Lidstrom on the wings top line and top powerplay unit is going to be among the leading defense scorers... Moving rafalski would free up more salary room than moving any defenseman other than Lidstrom (which isn't going to happen). Lidstrom, Stuart, Kronwall, & Ericsson would be as good of a top 4 as any other team in the league can boast. Of our top 4, rafalski bring the least to the table in my opinion. Yes, he has some offensive upside, but once again any defenseman with offensive ability playing in that position is going to shine (look at Schnieder here and what he did since leaving here...and even before coming here, he put up some good numbers for some seasons but had just as many with bad numbers...here his numbers were consistant, mainly because of those that he was playing with...rafalski benefits the same way).
  11. So which defenseman is going to be traded? (poll)

    If the wings can get some sort of commitment from Lidstrom for beyond this season, then I would look to move Rafalski. If they can get someone to take his salary it would open up a top 4 spot for Ericsson and free up a lot more cap space than moving anyone else. Ericsson could then be paired with and learn from Lidstrom and we would have some wiggle room in case there are any injuries or if all of our projects (Eaves, Williams, Bertuzzi) fail. Plus, I would prefer to keep both Kronwall and Stuart. Ericsson is good enough for top 4 minutes, and of the top 4 Rafalski would be the one I would most like to see go...
  12. shootout lineup this season?

    Shootouts are a lazy way to end a game, therefore they suck... That being said, Datsyuk and Zetts are the obvious 1 & 2...as others have said, from there it boils down to who is having a good game or on a hot run...
  13. trade williams

    Nobody else even offered Williams a contract. Lebda has no trade value (neither does Lils with him being hurt). Knowing this, you think that we are going to get Milan Hejduk for them! Step away from the crack pipe!!!
  14. Players retiring?

    not me...Drapes still has a little left in the tank...plus he is a great mentor for Helm!!!
  15. Players retiring?

    Maltby & Holmstrom - yes (unless someone other than the wings makes one of them an offer they can't refuse) Lidstrom & Draper - no