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  1. GDT

    Who saw that coming? lol GO WINGS!!!!
  2. It's almost considered a jinx. Stanley Cup is the only one that matters.
  3. Sunday's game against the Sharks had WAY more implications. Aside from the streak, I don't really care if they drop one against Vancouver.
  4. Was Holmstrom/Lidstrom the answer to last nights trivia question?
  5. Never liked the guy. Can't believe he's a Wing.
  6. Game 1 - Refs Game 3 - Lucky bounce Game 7 - PP sucked & Injuries
  7. Didn't see this yet this year, so I made it. GO WINGS!!!!!
  8. The St. Louis and Colorado game 7 wins are greatness personified. Especially the Yzerman/OT winner. I get the chills everytime I see it and remember it like yesterday. I remember the Colorado game too, where we watched, who was there, etc. We were stabbing the Patty Wah voodoo dolls like crazy! They are memories I will never forget. And it's really awesome that the Wings have a chance to do that again tonight. And hopefully if they win, we can look back in a few years on tonights game and have witnessed some more history and heroes. GO WINGS!!!!!
  9. Pretty sure 97.1 The Ticket just reported that he'd be playing.
  10. ^lol'd
  11. Should mean more shootout wins?