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  1. 4/9 GDT : at Rangers 3, Red Wings 2

    Certainly glad to see the wings go into the 3rd tied rather than losing. Ps - I normally watch games on NHL gamecentre but am currently in Austria and can't seem to get it to work on my phone. If anyone knows a stream that would work, I'd be very grateful for the opportunity to watch the third! Should be a good one!
  2. I have to assume that the coach understands the tendencies of the players, especially the ones he coached in GR, and thus some of the line combinations. But tonight's game highlights that some of the "current lines" are not working. What makes sense to me as a fan is : ​AA - Pavel - Mantha ​Abby - Z - Nyquist ​Tatar - Larkin - Sheahan ​Helm - Glendening - Richards ​Perhaps rotating Sheahan / Helm / Richards on that "3rd line" and working in Datsyuk to get him a few more shifts than he'd see with his linemates alone. I think these lines offer a good combination of speed, size, skill and each one should be able to score goals and play decent D. ​On D, what makes sense to me: Dekeyser - Green ​Kronwall - Marchenko ​Quincey - Smith I don't think the system of like-with-like is working, so these represent an attempt at more "balanced" pairings. And something is seriously wrong with Ericsson (perhaps permanently) so I think that's addition by subtraction right there. If only they can find a way to get him off of the out? expansion draft?...I can't imagine they could find a trade partner, but maybe they can find a D upgrade by moving Smith and one of Jurco or Teemu. Looking forward to seeing when they can do against MTL!
  3. 3/15 GDT : Red Wings at Philadelphia Flyers, 7:30 ET

    Touche! I don't mean to defend Nyquist's play, that's for sure. You could argue that his inability to score is one of the major reasons the PP is struggling. I only mean to say that if the PP was doing well, he'd likely be factoring in on more goals (as was the case last year, where he scored many of his) and therefore it would be easier to see past his obvious shortcomings as a player. ​And so, perhaps if the Wings can find a way to generate on the PP, it would look less appealing to see Nyquist gone. In the same breathe, there are guys that I don't see turning the corner. I'd be quite happy if Smith and Ericsson played their last games as Wings. I suppose it's more likely that Quincey will leave as a free agent and perhaps Smith gets dealt next year at some stage too. Can't imagine anyone taking Ericsson and his contract. And the doubt has really got to be creeping in for guys like Jurco and Pulkkinen.
  4. 3/15 GDT : Red Wings at Philadelphia Flyers, 7:30 ET

    Very true, but a lot of guys are having down years, stats-wise. Riley Sheahan has scored about a half point per game in the two last seasons while this year he's at half that rate. I think the biggest challenge is the dramatic drop in the powerplay. Whether that's the result of subtractions (e.g. coaches/systems), additions (e.g. Green) or just the same guys not playing well, who knows....I wish we had the solution to get it back where it was. ​One would have to think that if their PP was producing at the rate of last year, the Wings place in the standings would be a little less precarious than they are today.
  5. Wings re-sign Cleary $1.5 mill + $1mill in game bonuses

    Exactly, the writing was on the wall for this signing since last summer. As Holland said about Cleary at training camp "at some point and time as the season wears on or next summer, we'll try to find a way to keep him in a Red Wing uniform for longer than a year." I'm a bit surprised they needed to bother with a bonus - 1 year at 1 million should've been plenty. I agree with Holland that Cleary could be a solid depth player if he's healthy, but agree with pretty much every fan that this will be regrettable if it results in a better player sitting on the bench or in the minors (e.g. Jurco, Ferraro, Callahan). I recall reading that Callahan would be happy to re-sign with GR to continue to work on his game, so if Alfie does not re-sign, perhaps it will only be Ferraro left in the lurch. The good news is that Cleary's deal is only 1 year, so that gives more flexibility moving forward.
  6. Nikolai Kulemin

    With the playoffs over for the Wings, the UFA speculation can begin in full force. I wanted to start a thread about a specific player: Nikolai Kulemin. I've always thought Kulemin had a lot of upside and that he would put up quality points with offensive players and some PP time. He has size (similar to Abdelkader) and can hit. He's still young, fairly durable. He earns 2.8 mil with Toronto, hard to put a value on him given that he put up 30 goals a few seasons back but has played a very defensive role in Toronto since then. Living near Toronto I've had some opportunity to watch him play; here is some highlights: If our UFA forwards are not resigned (and this seems fairly likely to me), the Wings have room for a winger. If you were Ken Holland, would you offer him a contract, and if so, how much and how long?
  7. Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

    I agree that the D probably needs the most attention, but given the potential exodus of forwards, I'm curious what folks would think about Kulemin (UFA)? I think he would be a guy who could play anywhere in our forward group, including a winger with Datsyuk and/or Zetterberg, and more affordable and younger than guys like Moulson, Vanek, etc.
  8. Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

    I would agree, don't need the flashiest names. I think a good fit upfront would be Nik Kulemin. - He's a guy who can play in the corners, in front of the net, and in all situations - has a very good shot - has size and relative youth: about 6'1, 225lbs, 27 yrs old - scheduled to be a UFA if Toronto doesn't or can't re-sign - would cost much less than a guy like Callahan On D, I like Matt Greene. Big right handed Michigan fella. Not having a great playoffs with LA right now, but if he tests free agency I think he'd be an upgrade over Lashoff or Quincey. Would be tempting to look at a vet offensive D man like Boyle or Zidlicky but we have so many offensive type guys that I would worry we'd be even more porous on the back end. Keeping Quincey is an option of course, though I suspect another team might offer him more than Detroit is willing to. Lines could look something like: Z - Dats - Kulemin (3 mil) Nyquist - Weiss - Franzen Abdelkader - Helm - Tatar Miller - Andersson - Sheahan Ferraro/Callahan *Glendening, Jurco are call ups Kronwall - Dekeyser Ericsson - Smith Kindl - Greene (3 mil) Lashoff, (Almquist)
  9. Howard = Average

    I'm sure this has been mentioned somewhere over the last 36 pages, but what I notice most about Jimmy's play this season is he seems to be playing extremely aggressively, coming quite far out of his net and whatnot. I can understand why he might be doing it: if you're struggling, you are just trying to make yourself big. But I think it is a big part of all of the "bad bounce" type of goals that seem to be constantly going in against him. It actually reminds me of what he looked like when he first entered the league, and the Wings had to learn really quickly to take away the pass, or the other team had an open net. A great example was the other night's game where he got beat so hard on a 2-on-1, because he had come out so far to challenge the shooter and didn't anticipate the pass...can't even remember the opponent but there have been enough examples. And of course, the defense won't want to just take the pass and let Howie take the shooter, if those shots are going in with increasing frequency. And so it is a terrible feedback cycle: they aren't confident in him, so they play the shooter more, the puck is passed into the net and he looks even more terrible. The confidence of him and the whole team erodes. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  10. UFA/RFA Re-Signing, What Does Everyone Get?

    Would be nice to give Mrazek a shot at the back up role but given Jimmy's shaky season my bet would be that they'll try to bring in someone with more NHL experience. The Monster is an option. Just the other week I was thinking he would be a shoe-in to resign. But based on this most recent injury it makes me wonder whether the Wings might decide "enough is enough." I think this is especially the case because, as you note, he would probably prefer a multi-year deal where the Wings only need a guy for one-year, in my view. Perhaps it will come down to whether he will want to continue his career here or not. He might get some two year offers elsewhere but I don't see anyone bringing him on to be a starter.
  11. UFA/RFA Re-Signing, What Does Everyone Get?

    One way or another it looks like we'll have good depth upfront! Where I am concerned most is our defence. Lots of chatter about whether or not to keep Quincey but the other reality is that he may not want to stay, especially for what Detroit may be wiling to offer, and there isn't a lot of depth out there in the UFA market. The good players will seek a premium, and Quincey is one of the few UFA dmen who is still in his 20 and also averages over 20 minutes a night. I think it's fair to say that the success of this team has been built on quality defensemen in the past. These are the guys who have to spend the most time on the ice. Having Ericsson, Quincey, Dekeyser among your top minute guys just isn't good enough right now...not to say they aren't good players but as a top 4 unit (with Kronwall), they aren't strong enough. In a perfect world, I'd like to see the Wings add an offensive guy (Boyle or Zidlicky are a couple right handed shooters who come to mind). But mostly I think we need a steady defensive guy: I think Matt Greene would be a great fit if he is unsigned after July 1st. I think both Kindl and Smith can move the puck and would excel with a steady stay at home guy like that. I don't think Quincey (who is prone to mistakes and doesn't seem to offer any offense these days) or Lashoff (who plays sheltered minutes) are the answers. If we commit more of our cap dollars to the players who play the most -- the D-men -- I think we would be looking at much better result at this time next year.
  12. UFA/RFA Re-Signing, What Does Everyone Get?

    Thanks Buppy. I knew of capgeek's waiver calculator but it tells me that he has 2 years of exemption (2 left this year, one next year). Since I had heard he wouldn't be exempt next year, I was trying to get a handle on how that's calculated and what the right answer is! Fortunately there are people who get paid to figure these things out so I don't need to worry about it too much....
  13. UFA/RFA Re-Signing, What Does Everyone Get?

    Not to get off topic, as this has an influence on who makes what, but I think this year's experience demonstrates that the wisest course of action would have Jurco and Glendening start the year in GR. There will be injuries, and when there are, I'd rather see these guys, who have shown they are capable, fill a role, over a player who may not be ready. Meanwhile they can play big minutes and continue to learn how to win with GR. Given that we have enough youth already (Tatar, Nyquist, Sheahan and Andersson, plus potentially Ferraro and Callahan - Helm and Abby aren't "old" and there are 3 young guys on the D too), there is value in filling out the roster with veterans who can also fill some roles (e.g. Legwand and Alfie). That gives us the kind of depth needed to compete in this league when those injuries hit. I think this stretch of games right now is showing that it is a lot to ask of these young guys to drive the bus themselves. Hopefully they will be ready to take on bigger roles as they develop but they are still young and raw in some ways. On a less argumentative note, can anyone explain why Almquist is / is not waiver-exempt in 2014-15?
  14. UFA/RFA Re-Signing, What Does Everyone Get?

    I agree with Dickie, re: Jurco. He's waiver exempt so I think it's likely he'll start in GR. And my impression (from around here) was that Glendening is also waiver-exempt, at least heading into next year so that would potentially "free up" another spot (though Babs probably wants him on the roster). As we know from this year, the most worthy players don't always start out the year with the big club! I've also got the impression from around here that Almquist is not waiver-exempt next year, but did he not sign his contract a year later than Callahan and Ferraro? I know there are other factors that influence waiver exemption but I'm not informed enough to break it down. I think it's clear that Callahan and Ferraro are not waiver-exempt in 2014-15, but do we know definitively whether that's true of Almquist too? I wouldn't be surprised if Wings have to / choose to expose one of those guys to waivers next year -- they did so with Emmerton so I'd assume they'd do the same, at least for Callahan, if needed.
  15. UFA/RFA Re-Signing, What Does Everyone Get?

    - I agree (and hope) Bert will retire - I don't see any of the RFAs earning more than 2 mil - If Alfie comes back, I would think that 4 mil is fair (comparable to Franzen) - If Legwand wants to come back, I would hope they could make it happen for under 3.5, given that he'll be 34. Likely the longer they sign him, the less he'd be willing to accept - I also don't necessarily see Jurco and Glendening have guaranteed spots on the roster. If they can play in GR, I think Detroit would be happy to have them as call ups - this is true depth, and needed, given that so many of our players have serious injury problems - Depending on what is done with the GR players who are not roster exempt, as well as Alfie (and whether Tootoo is bought out) I think this will affect whether Cleary would be offered a contract as the 13th forward -- if so, 1mil. They do like him in the dressing room and everything they said at the start of the year suggested they would try to resign him. Hopefully the emergence of their younger guys will allow them to cut bait on him. I love Danny's heart but I'm not sure he's got much left in the tank. Personally I'd rather hold onto Jordin Tootoo, already under contract at 1.9, than have Cleary at a similar rate, since Tootoo offers a more physical element (and frankly, deserves better than the AHL) - I doubt Quincey will accept much of a pay cut so I see him resigned at a similar rate or replaced by another player at a similar rate - Gus returns at 2mil, one year; or another NHL tender. With Mrazek close, I think they could risk it on Gus, despite the potential for injury. Z (6) - Dats (7.5) - Franzen (4) Leggy* (3.5) - Weiss (4.9) - Alfie* (4) Nyquist (.95) - Helm (1.2) - Tatar (1.2) Miller (1.35) - Andersson (.95) - Abby (1.8) Sheahan (.95) and 1-3* of Tootoo/Cleary/Callahan/Ferraro (or Almquist, if they carry 8 D) Kronner (4.75) - E (4.25) DK (1.5) - Smith (1.25) Kindl (2.4) - Q (3.75) Lashoff (.725) Howie (5.3) Gus (2) If the salary cap is 71 million, Detroit would still have 4-5 mill in cap space roughly based on these salaries.