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  1. RockyMountainWingGal

    Just Say 'No' to Mikael Samuelsson

    He would be fine as a PO rental. Plus I disagree - Sammy is better in the PO lineup than Hudler, bigger stronger. There is no upswing to Hudler - we have already seen all that he can (and can't) do. He is a decent 3-4 line role player - and too expensive of one at that.
  2. RockyMountainWingGal

    2/25 GDT : Avalanche 4 at Red Wings 3

    I'm still bitter about having gone to the last wings-avs game here in Denver an they put on a crappy performance including Conklin in net. Let's make it 3-1 for the season - put them out of the playoffs and their misery... Go Wings!
  3. RockyMountainWingGal

    2/19 GDT : Sharks 2 at Red Wings 3

    It is is listed as regional coverage which is likely to screw many of us living out of state. I may actually get it since Colorado picks up alot of Cali sports - unless we get lumped in with St L or Chicago. Regional coverage is stupid - should get to choose the team you want to watch!
  4. RockyMountainWingGal

    2011 MLB Season Thread

    ^^this I actually thought JV was pretty good in the POs. The two complete games he played the Tigers won - the only thing that matters. I think the Tigs had a good chance of winning either of the two rainout/delay games - could have/should have beat Sabathia in the original game 1 (like he did later), and Tigs had bases loaded against Wilson when they called the rain delay... Cabrera did what he needed to do in the ALCS - the hitting top to bottom just wasn't there. Scherzer *almost had game won game 4 won before giving up a late HR, then pretty much stunk in game 6...unfortunate to not have JV going two full starts gods said no. All in all they got beat by a team that was playing better in October, and a team that went to the WS last year. Still a great season, beat the Yanks in the POs, had our chances... Couldv'e/Shouldv'e won one of the OT games...but didn't. Texas went all the way to the WS last year and got smoked - Tigs should take note and try their hardest to get back and do better... Look forward to next season...
  5. RockyMountainWingGal

    2011 MLB Season Thread

    This is what I feared - needed Verlander to pitch twice in the series - even though he's been a little less JV-like he still gets the Ws - could have banked on two. Well now will have to see if Fister can get some revenge for his outing in NY the other day - sigh....
  6. RockyMountainWingGal

    2011 MLB Season Thread

    Best chance of winning the series was to have the option of Verlander pitching twice, beginning and end of series. Now that that's out the window and Fister didn't win, will have to dig deep and come up with some monumental play.... Hope for the best.
  7. RockyMountainWingGal

    2011 MLB Season Thread

    Seems to be the case every time he starts..... I cannot watch live - only listen - since I'm out of market - but when the play by play guys start doggin you it's time to go....Rayburn needs to join Inge - painful to hear the plays - watching must really be brutal....
  8. RockyMountainWingGal

    Wings looking at Ty Conklin

    That would be the best option - but the stupid Islanders screwed it up, and for what? the guy isn't going to play for them. Maybe THEY should be one of the franchises considering moving to Canada, or something. Will be interesting to see how that plays out... As for Conks, not really excited, not really un-excited. A neutral move....
  9. RockyMountainWingGal

    Nick Lidstrom wins Norris trophy #7

    Great post Eva. At least we agree on one player.
  10. RockyMountainWingGal

    Nick Lidstrom wins Norris trophy #7

    Rob Blake won it as a minus player and he's half the defenseman Nick is.... Cringed at the minus myself, but he was freaking -2 (blame lots on Big E) not -20 or -30. Whiners gonna whine..... The guy should rightfully have about 9 or 10 Norris's but the voters were biased against him for awhile. I believe he is the first Euro-born player to win either the Norris or the Conn Smythe. Quite a feat. Hats off to the Captain. Gives us something to be proud of even when we don't get close to the Cup.
  11. RockyMountainWingGal

    2011 MLB Season Thread

    The reason I like it is I get to see the Tigers every several years. It's nice for fans across the country to actually get a chance to see their fav teams once in awhile, other than that it sucks. And while it was great getting to see the Tigs in Colorado tonight, they stunk. Poor base running and erratic pitching. All the D hats in the ball park make it fun though - reminds me of the Wings-Avs games, where we outnumber them! Would have loved to see JV- hope the ace salvages a W for the Tigs tomorrow afternoon.
  12. RockyMountainWingGal

    Morons at large

    The 1984 riot consistently makes the top 5-10 worst sports riots lists. I remember it being pretty bad - in my opinion much worse than Vancouver. Remember not as much overhyping media to spread things across the internet instantly. There are mixed reports on 1989-1990 Pistons wins. I was on the west coast listening on the radio and they claimed people had died. Whether these were the everynight deaths happening in Detroit or related to rioting is probably unknown, and one can find little information on this - short of pulling archived newspapers from the time. Whether we like it or not, Detroit has the reputation of riot city - a reputation well earned, but one that I think is far in the past and the media just hasn't caught on.
  13. RockyMountainWingGal

    Morons at large

    Detroit was worse than Vancouver. The 1984 post-Tigers riot is considered one of the first modern day sports riots. The city practically burned to the ground. Seven people were killed in the riots post-Pistons NBA title in 1989. Although thankfully these don't compare to the deadly European soccer riots, Detroit is nonetheless considered the birthplace of modern riots. That said, the many championships, or shortfalls since then, have produced nothing but respectable conduct from Detroit and the burbs. Vancouver should take note at how the Wings and their fans conducted themselves after losing at home two years ago.
  14. RockyMountainWingGal

    Wings unlikely to sign Osgood/Draper

    There's a difference between being OK with Osgood "passing the torch" as Holland put it tastefully, and "get lost". Care to give back those Cups? I don't, but I wouldn't mind moving on either. Ozzie and Drapes rightfully want a chance to sign and make the team. Holland has the tough decision of passing on two valuable and nostalgic parts of the Wings franchise and success for the last 15 years. He's paid to make the right decision. These two guys deserve a round of applause if they're on their way out, not a "good riddance". Some Wings fans make me sad.
  15. RockyMountainWingGal

    Hudler's Future

    Wow. This thread is still chugging along. Eva, I think you've broken a record for player defense threads. I can't figure your unwaivering loyalty to Huds but it is impressive. He should make you his agent. I personally think his days are numbered as a red wing. If Holland can find a way to trade, waive, release him before his contract is up, he will.