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  1. gdt

    Exactly. He was brutal on Chara's goal. Waving his stick in the air while Chara bangs home the loose puck. Seriously doubt Sproul and/or Oullette could be any worse.
  2. gdt

    I don't feel bad for them. (Well, maybe for some of them.) I usually empathize with hockey fans everywhere, but I had the misfortune of living in St. Louis for several years. The core Blues fans are great, but they're a distinct minority. The vast majority are idiots, who couldn't care less if their team ever won a Cup. As long as the other team leaves the ice on stretchers, they're happy. No coincidence that, for as long as most of us can recall, the Blues never fail to goon it up like crybabies every time they fall behind. Just giving their "fans" what they want.
  3. Have to disagree about Blues fans. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot to like about the team, and Hitch is doing a great job. That said, I had the misfortune of actually living in St. Louis for several years, and the "core" Blues fans (passionate, knowledgeable, respectful of other teams) are a distinct minority. You're more likely to encounter the idiots who probably couldn't care less if the Blues ever won a Cup -- as long as the other team (preferably the Wings) leaves the ice on stretchers, they're happy. Plus, when they're not simply screaming for blood, they're constantly whining about how national media and fans of other teams aren't giving the Blues enough attention and "respect," -- despite the obvious fact (well, obvious to the rest of the world, anyway) that the team has never accomplished a freaking thing in its 45-year history.
  4. Not sure I would agree with this. Morrow looked very Cleary-esque and appeared to be out of gas much of the time during the Pens' playoff run.
  5. This is great news. Anyone know if that POS Gambino is still in the limo business? If so, news like this always serves as a good reminder that no self-respecting Wings fan should ever send any business his way.
  6. Why the heck would he want to play in STL? I once had the misfortune of living there. Just say no, Danny.
  7. How is it "apparent" that the Wings are "eliminated"? According to Khan, Parise's agent pulled the plug on in-person meetings since 20 teams asked for one and there was no way to accommodate them all. Please post a link to your "elimination" source if you're able to come up with one (and/or try to grab a few more facts next time).
  8. ^This. I had the misfortune of living in St. Louis for several years, and Blues fans are the worst of ANY team in ANY NHL city. Yes, there is a small core of loyal, passionate, knowledgeable Blues fans. These people are the minority. The vast majority is comprised of the whiniest mob of mulleted morons you will ever have the misfortune to encounter. Among this crowd, whether the Blues ever win a game -- let alone a Stanley Cup -- is irrelevant: as long as the other team leaves the ice on stretchers, they are happy. Slugs like Reed Low (the guy could barely skate) are worshipped like gods in St. Louis as long as they punch somebody. The rest of their time is spent obsessing over the lack of "attention" and "respect" shown the Blues by the national media and fans of other teams -- despite the obvious fact (well, obvious to the rest of the world, anyway) that the Blues have never achieved a freaking thing in their 40+ year history. The best thing that could happen to the franchise would be a relocation to a real city.
  9. Not sure if there would be as many takers for Franzen as we would like. That contract could be difficult to move given his injury history and streakiness.
  10. Hello? Jim Nill, anyone? Here's hoping he ascends to GM when Holland steps down.
  11. Good grief -- that's rich. A Sharks fan shows up on a Wings board to spout off about how "even without Heatley, the Sharks would still beat you ..." A Wings fan expresses his disgust with Heatley's criminal history, and Sharks fan No. 2 shows up (again, on a Wings board) to lecture the Wings fans about what is "appropriate." I can't speak for everyone, but I'd guess that most Wings fans -- especially in the immediate aftermath of a tough, 7-game series loss to the Sharks -- would prefer that you showcase your moral vanity on a Sharks board rather than a Wings board.
  12. That's a big NO on Talbot. He's a classless punk and a total diver. Definitely not Red Wings material.
  13. LOL. Heatley should stop by his church of choice every effing day of the week and thank a higher power that he even plays in the NHL. If a certain judge owned a pair of testicles, he would be rotting in a Georgia jail cell following the vehicular manslaughter of his good friend.
  14. At least you guys can watch the effing game. I'm home with a nice flat screen and a functioning HD cable connection, but my heart/nerves can't take it. I'll just scan the board every few minutes.
  15. Damn - I'm a grown man (or so I thought), and I can't even effing watch the damn game. I'm too nervous. I'll just follow the board posts.