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  1. Detroit Pistons off-season thread

    Well, Piston fans, you might like Nazr Mohammed. He has hands of stone, but he works hard and is capable of putting up decent offensive numbers (and can shoot free throws).
  2. Detroit Pistons off-season thread

    The Prza is actually one of the better centers available right now (great shotblocker and rebounder...not Ben Wallace great, but still). Tomorrow he's gonna choose between Portland, Detroit and...San Antonio. After he picks someplace, then the next center to fall in place is Nazr Mohammed.
  3. Detroit Pistons off-season thread

    To be fair, Ben is a professional athlete. You play for one reason: to get paid. And this was not a little less money, this was in excess of 10 million dollars. He's smart to go to a team that has a coach that is more defensive oriented with a young nucleus rather than stay with Flip Saunders and a non-existant bench. Oh, and the many more millions, I think I mentioned that. My balogna has a first name, it's D-A-R-K-O.
  4. Detroit Pistons off-season thread

    Man, I'm ambivalent about this deal. On the one hand, I'm glad there isn't another title contender for the Spurs next season to worry about (fingers crossed), but I've always loved buh-buh-buh-buh-buh Ben Wallace in Deeeeeeeeeeeeetroit. How good is Chicago now? I think the East is weak enough for them to contend. They've certainly got the depth, CRAZY amount of depth now with Wallace and Tyrus Thomas added to the frontcourt. Add that to Hinrich, Nocioni, Deng, Ben Gordon, Chandler (when he's healthy). I think they're better than Cleveland at this point, and with some experience, whewwww. Glad my Spurs are in the West.
  5. Piston's Off-Season News/Rumors

    Finley and Van Ex, it's a celebration, bitchesssssss!
  6. Detroit Pistons (and NBA) Playoff Thread

    This was the best series of my lifetime. Chauncey should've won Finals MVP. Stones are our equals. *zen*
  7. Detroit Pistons (and NBA) Playoff Thread

    Game 7 is gonna be a doozy.
  8. Detroit Pistons (and NBA) Playoff Thread

    In my defense, I was grieving and coming into this hornets nest would be an act of masochism. This was what I had wanted Game 4 to look like. Two teams with equal intensity keeping it close the whole 48 (or in this instance, 53). Eh, better late then never?
  9. Detroit Pistons (and NBA) Playoff Thread

    I will admit to being a huge puss after the losses. I am a very meek individual. Game 6 is gon' be a doozy.
  10. Detroit Pistons (and NBA) Playoff Thread

    Isn't the whole Pistons shtick the team concept? Plus Rasheed is a whiny c**t. The Pistons will get a lot of screen time when the series shifts over to Detroit. I thought it was established that Tim Duncan is one of the least marketable superstars in the game. Don't understand this finger pointing at all. There are a number of reasons that Ginobili is getting so much attention. He's a charismatic fellow with unique talent, taking on a bigger role than any foreign player before him (I'll change my answer if Dirk ever leads the Mavs to the Finals). He's setting up to become the Finals MVP with his play. I suppose you could say the NBA is trying to manufacture a new superstar, but honestly, Ginobili seems to be doing that well enough on his own. Just because something "makes sense" doesn't mean it's true (see: Scott Lucidi). And I don't see how a 21-point drubbing is the responsibility of the refs. Television ratings are routinely higher for close games and for a close series. At this rate, a close series does not appear imminent. Unless you're playing the Lakers, I fail to see how blaming the officiating is anything but grasping at straws.
  11. Detroit Pistons (and NBA) Playoff Thread

    Anytime you want to take your foot out of your mouth and give the Spurs their props for beating up the defending champs you can do so. They need to finish the series before anyone crowns them champs but they are well on their way to doing so. Keep on X'ing and O'ing the series for us. I like reading all the commentary on basketball games from a hockey point of view. The Spurs have done well, no doubt...but they have not been that much better...the score is not showing the way the game has been...as I said...the ridiculous difference in foul calls was almost the exact difference in the score. I can understand some of the late fouls and Chancey's T, due to frustration and all. But a hck of a lot of those fouls were called early. And that huge discrepancy and the similarity between the Spurs' lead in FT points to the Spurs' margin of victory is AWFUL suspicious. When's the last time you saw an NBA finals game where one team received DOUBLE the number of free throws? Are you gonna tell me the Pistons were just hackin away that much, and the Spurs were just that clean? Don't buy that for a second. Here's a hint: charge into the lane towards the basket AND YOU WILL DRAW FOULS. This isn't difficult. If the Pistons' offense wasn't so anemic, they wouldn't be settling for jump shots and missing lay ups. You want some discrepencies? Let's look. Tayshaun Prince 1-7 Richard Hamilton 5-15 Tony Parker 6-9 Manu Ginobili 6-8 If you shoot like s**t, you will lose. And while I'm at it, if you're desperate and you know it, blame the refs. I mean, for f**k's sake, why would the NBA favor a small-to-medium market like San Antonio? Give me a break.
  12. Detroit Pistons (and NBA) Playoff Thread

  13. Detroit Pistons (and NBA) Playoff Thread

  14. Detroit Pistons (and NBA) Playoff Thread

    This seems to be a recurring theme here, but where do you guys get the notion that Pistons are underdeveloped in terms of pure talent? I know how much their strength is the system, but come on, Rasheed was The Guy on some very talented Portland teams and is taking a lesser role for this system. Rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups are both borderline All-Stars, and Tayshaun Prince and Ben Wallace are ridiculous individual defenders. Frankly, the Pistons have the most daunting starting five in the league, it's just the shallow bench that can be cumbersome (an aside: are they running seven deep with McDyess and Arroyo the only guys getting significant minutes off the bench?) It's either misplaced modesty or a whiny persecution complex, but this "We've got to play 110% to win" business is a bit off.
  15. Detroit Pistons (and NBA) Playoff Thread

    As a basketball fan, regardless of team allegiance, a Pistons/Pacers series really appeals to me for all the reasons you listed, BlueMonk. If they reinstated Artest for just this series, it'd be, like, bohemoth!