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  1. HockeytownRN

  2. Wings need a goalie

    Ozzy lost the #1 spot on his own last year and what worries me more is the lack of confidence from the "D" playing in front of him. Last year at this time i would feel nervous whenever Howard got the start and now i am looking twice at who they are playing when i hear Ozzie is starting. The team never seems to play well when they have had too many days off but whatever the reason last night i was thinking Macdonald was going to be getting some minutes at some point. Ozzy is fine for backup, but hopefully his and the "D"'s confidence will improve because it is hard to watch.
  3. Good Pre-Game/Post game bars

    Cobo Joe's on Congress. You can eat, wipe your feet on an Avs jersey as you walk in the door, and the female bartenders blow fire. It's a pretty hopping place before games. Or The Post which is two doors down. No food there though. Just follow the crowd for the short walk to the Joe.
  4. Opening night vs. Ducks

    No the odd game would start at 7:00 (including last Friday's TO preseason game). I'm happy about it because either I hadn't checked my tickets and would notice walking up to the Joe that the game was a 7:00 start, or I am having a drink at the Post and end up a little late for the game. lol That extra 1/2 hour is priceless for me!
  5. Opening night vs. Ducks

    I caught the end of the news last night stating all 7:00 games this season will now be a 7:30 start. Anyone else hear this?
  6. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    Most of us "Wings fans" happen to hold the "C" in higher regard as we are lucky enough to have watched Stevie Y (and Lids) lead our team. Stevie not only played on his injured knee (instead of sitting on the bench the whole third period of game 7 in the finals) but got the game winning goal, and then had surgery shortly thereafter. Lids handled the whole ASG debacle with class unlike someone else we know who decided to spew words out to the media instead of keeping his mouth shut like not only a captain should, but the poster boy of the league should. I happen to think it's pathetic that Sid didn't lead his team in hand shakes, but only because I have two boys watching along with me and one of them noticed and actually said something about it. Nice role model for kids. I thought it was also pathetic of Chelios, so no homerism here. Sid's a great player, and if he wasn't the captain and the poster boy for the NHL, I wouldn't have even bothered reading this thread, but he needs to take on the role that he was "given" and until then I don't think he'll be getting much respect from not only fans, but players in the NHL. Hopefully he will mature and get the respect when he deserves it.
  7. Wow Pens Fans

  8. pens sure are classy

    Love how the announcer just called the Pens juvenile. Great role model and NHL poster boy, hope he heard those 20,000 fans loud and clear.
  9. Helm t-shirt

    Dick's sporting goods had a TON of Helm t-shirts yesterday. Had a lot of others too and they are pretty cool shirts. Penny's had the shirts (and they were on sale) but didn't have Helm ones at the Oakland Mall store.
  10. No Samuelsson at Wings' morning skate

    I totally agree about Sammy. I do NOT understand why Babs puts him on the point on the PP though. WHY??? I'm not bashing Samuelsson, but his giveaways drive me crazy and I find myself cheering when he actually keeps the puck in on the PP lately. I'd rather see Drapes in for the faceoffs since the Pens seem to be winning half lately. I hope Abs stays in, he's on a roll!
  11. Matt and Mod Appreciation Thread

    Thanks to Matt and the mods for the greatest Wings site around, and also to the members of this site who I know I can go to whenever I have a question or need info. You all rock at getting new info out as soon as it comes out. THANK YOU THANK YOU!
  12. SCF GAME 2 GDT: Penguins 1 at Red Wings 3

    GO WINGS!!!! I get a huge smile every time I see just three little boxes left at the top. Hope it's two after tonight!!!!!
  13. CBC, or NBC.

    Same for me!
  14. Fedorov to join KHL

    I concur.