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  1. get rid of Bettman please sign...

    Remove Gary Bettman as NHL Commissioner Petition, hosted at PetitionOnline.com. www.petitiononline.com/bw185678/petition.html -
  2. Sharks ready for Holmstrom?

    Well it is nice that they think it will be just that easy to defend agains Homer! and Bertuzzi does not get infront of the net and stay there like homer does. Lets see how they do with homers Rear in Nabby/s face all game long. LETS GO RED WINGS!!!
  3. Pre-GAME 4 (5/2): Red Wings @ Sharks - 10 PM ET

    Homer is back for tonight to stick his rump in nabbi's face! LETS GO RED WINGS!
  4. bench bert article today

    Ya bert took a bad elbowing penalty, but in his defence on the 2end on that was a bad call by the refs. As for benching him we need a big guy out on the ice to defend against the sharks. The refs seem to have there eyes closed when it comes to things the sharks are doing to the wings players. ( and no I am not just saying that because it is my fav team.) My final thought is that the wings played hard and good OL' Dom let us down in that game. I love Dom but he was all over the place and left the net wide open several times. He needs to calm down and focus on what is going on and STAY IN THE NET!
  5. Wings meet fork

    Well take your own advise if you don't like what you see don't watch it. It is understandabl to say hey we played like s*** today but to sit there and throw your hands in the air and state well this series is over is just dumb.. you made yourself look like you were a fan that only likes a team if they are winning. As to getting all hurt over your comments NO, just as you speak of passion for the game of hockey people have passion for there team the RED WINGS!. The fact that the wings lost game 1 and didn't show up in the first 10 means nothing when the series it now tied 1-1, Oh by the way, I bet they fix what ever issues they (RED WINGS) have before the next game. You are right what you said was not put to gether well at all. I am not putting you down and you have every right to state what you think but don't get offended or upset when other people do. You were and are putting down the team we love.
  6. Wings meet fork

    if you don't have faith and you don't like the wings then why watch? this series if far from over and when the wings win what are you going to say then! oh I knew they would win all along? what ever! love them or leave them! I choose to love them! win or loose....GO WINGS!
  7. Support The Wings

    If I was back home and I could afford it I would so be there at the game... GO WINGS!!!!!!
  8. Glowing Puck

    see that is the thing the comet tail was the worst part about the glowing puck! I hope they never bring that back.
  9. Glowing Puck

    not a fan of the glowing puck! I hated it........
  10. Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    I am a Michigandar! I grew up in Michigan! started watching the wings at theh age of 5 years old....anyway thought I would share!!!! All my family still lives in Michigan..
  11. Bertuzzi's 4 minute double minor

    Like I said I didn't see the game: if he drew blood then yes it was the right call... I am just saying for somebody to post that people are bitching due to the fact that they called it on a wing is wrong...... everybody ******* about the calls made when it is there team.. Part of being a fan. I am just saying dont slam other people for doing the same thing you do at home just because they like another team..
  12. Bertuzzi's 4 minute double minor

    well if it was your team ( who ever it may be) you I am sure would ***** too so do act like you have never bitched about a call or yelled at the ref from your couch or chair when a poor call has been made. That is all the people posting are saying. I didn't get to watch the game so I can't say if it was a bad call or not but from the sound of it he should of only had a 2 min minor instead of a a dubble.
  13. Bertuzzi's 4 minute double minor

    The ref's have been making bad calls all season long to start with! on top of that it is Bret so every call they can come up with they are going to call! it is sad but that is what is going to happen. even if it is a questionable call to begin with they are going to send him straight to the box. sorry if anyting is spelt wrong
  14. Who's on your Red Wings Jersey?

    my oldest jersey is 1) probert 2 ) Yzerman 3) Lidstrom 4) Ozgood and in the mail to be delivered is Zett's
  15. OFFICIAL: Todd Bertuzzi a Red Wing

    once again, he will have to do great things to make me change my mind. I guess everybody is entitled to a second chance, what he did was wrong and I don't feel he paid a big enough price....but that is my personal thought. I hope he changes my mind about him, and I hope he does more than take up cap space. I also hope he can stay healthy. He is a good player no doubt about that, is he a dirty player (yup)....no doubt about that, will he be good for the wings I hope so....I will just have to watch and see.