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  1. Eklund at it again: Shanny back, Giguere to Detroit?

    yea, lets get rid of Lang... he only had the 2nd most points on our team in the playoffs (tied with Zetterberg), why don't we fire up the whole "lets trade Schneider" oven as well, hell, he only had 8 points... realistically Schneider and Lang are 2 of like 5 or 6 guys that we should NOT trade.
  2. Alexei Morozov

    for 1 mil... yes for 3 mil.... oh my god no.
  3. Eklund:

    go to or spector to get your juice, I'm pretty sure that Eklund just makes stuff up as he goes.
  4. Eklund: Shanahan expected to sign 2 years/9.8 Million

    umm are you sure that wasn't Lapointe that was weaseling huge money out of the B's??? oh, wait, this is 2006.... ...... oh yea, one more thing.... Eklund is an idiot, don't trust anything he says.
  5. The Eagle is landing

    As nervous as it makes me having an injury riddled Eddie B..... I do like that Holland looks as if he's ready to give the team to Howard in 07/08... an Eagle signing facilitates that.
  6. The Eagle is landing

    I agree that the wings would be lucky to have the "THEN" Eagle... the one that is one of the top 10 goalies in history, but the "NOW" Eagle has had plenty of injuries and lets face it, he's no spring chicken.
  7. Shanahan to Boston or Detroit

    Eklund is an idiot.
  8. Greatest Red Wing

    I think its a pretty touch question myself... my heart wants to vote Yzerman because I've seen him play for the last 2 decades and have lived and died through him, but you have to take everything into account, Howe and Sawchuck are widely considered the best that ever played for good reason, even guys like Lidstrom- 4 Norris, 3 cups, 30 min/game, all with the Wings.... how can he not be considered, very tough... even Chelli, he's considered maybe the best american born player that has played the game, physical, offensive when needed, etc. obviously a lot of that was before the wings but... he's great too. screw it, I can't choose, I vote for Homer!
  9. The Eagle is landing

    With the news of Eddie in town for an actual physical, I dread ever hearing this information. makes me throw up in my mouth a little.
  10. Greatest Red Wing

    Who in your opinion was the greatest Red Wing Player?
  11. The Eagle is landing

    "With all due respect guys, I've said all along that we'd HAVE to have a gritty type winger on that line. Doesn't Bell match that? " - yes he does, but he's an RFA, we'd have to trade with Chicago for him.... not that I'm against it, I like him... I just think Chicago would have a difficult time parting with him.
  12. The Eagle is landing

    Rolo is not the answer for our team. The guy had good post-season stats last year but a large part of that was the fantastic own-end play of edmonton's gritty forwards and, well, chris pronger. Rolo is in his late 30's and has largely been viewed as a guy that can't get it done by himself for the majority of his career, plus the fact that after making it deep into the playoffs, his pricetag will be quite inflated, I'm guessing he goes for 3.5 - 4 mil, way to much for that history between the pipes, and what about his injury? How will he rebound to the 2006 post-season form at 37 or however old he is. I'd pass. and don't get me wrong, Belfour isn't at the top of my list either, I like Biron; the price works, and as long as our D is solid he'll put up good numbers, plus it gives us an opportunity to trade someone. If we want to change some players, we have to get rid of some. I see Turco as the dark horse in all this, if rumour out of Dalles is true that they want him out, he'll be a hot commodity, I'd love to see him here in detroit, but then we're back to the 5mil/year problem. Maybe we should convince Greg Stefan to strap the pads back on, he was the goaltending coach for the Hurricanes last season and did a great job with Cam Ward and Martin Gerber, he might have some gas left in the tank.
  13. The Eagle is landing

    I'd have to agree, Samsonov had a good post-season this year but his knock is that he's small, soft and doesn't show up at crucial times.... I'd rather have Guerin. could we make a line out of Datsyuk, Samsonov, and Hudler? the pee-wee's.
  14. The Eagle is landing

    none taken Barnes. I have a friend who is an ex player and is now a scout for one of the big sports agents, obviously I can't mention either of thier names but I talk to him quite frequently as our kids play on the same hockey and baseball teams. does everything always work out that he tells me? No. but some has. he mentioned the pronger trade to me before it happened as well as the cujo signing by the wings as well as the coyotes this past year before they happened. There are obviously a bunch of factors involved. As far as Doug Weight, I am told that he still would love an opportunity to play here, although after the cup win in carolina as well as the wings depth at center he feels that it's more of a pipe-dream. Take it for what it is, a Rumor.
  15. The Eagle is landing

    I wish. I like Guerin, but the Eagle is to old.