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  1. Iceman7626

  2. Red Wings Rumors - Oct. 21 via Spector's Hockey

    I have to agree I'd love to have Frolov as he is excellent on puck control as I've seen him at times in the corners not allowing anyone close to the puck, also he was just recently a healthy scratch and this has not been the first time since Terry Murray (thinking terry I know its not Andy but definetly a murray) has been head coach in LA. IMO I believe Frolov is not very happy there as things have changed for the Kings in the past couple of years
  3. Happy Birthday! Sorry I couldn't meet up with you guys. I got home way later than anticipated!!!!

  4. RWNW GATHERING: Saturday, March 7th 4pm PST

    Hey I noticed I wasn't marked as tardy. My punctiality my be questionable depending on how long the Kings game goes. I mean I drive fast but I don't think I can do light speed. I do hope to get there by 5 though.
  5. RWNW GATHERING: Saturday, March 7th 4pm PST

    Well you know how I love hockey!!! I will be at the Kings game which is a 1pm game that day HOWEVER I will come by with the girlfriend and my buddy who next to the kings does love the redwings as well.
  6. 2/27 GDT: Kings 1 at Red Wings 2

    I just saw in the LGK boards that Brown has returned to the team and will be in the lineup.
  7. RWNW GATHERING: Saturday 11/29/08 3:30pm

    Well I will walk on over and won't be alone as the apple of my eye will be joining me as well. Let me know if this healthy appetizer is okay it's my spinach salad with Italian herb dressing/dip I will bring the salad all mixed up and then a seperate bowl of just the dressing/dip because it is a tasty dip for chips, wings, veggies, etc. and of course I will line my pockets full of Guinness and I'm sure we'll also have plenty of Newcastle as well. Can't wait to see you again. -E
  8. RWNW Gathering: November 8th (YES that's THIS SATURDAY!)

    Ahhh I'm sorry I missed it. I havn't been to mobile of late I just tore both ligaments in my left ankle so the 200 yard walk to your place would have been a bit difficult. Anyhow I will definetly be up for another event later in the month though as I am slowly walking as of today. I hope all is well and don't forget Tuesday on Versus. Talk to you Soon
  9. Satan

    I am curious to what everyone thinks about Satan for that extra forward Holland was looking for. His +/- has been horrible the last few years but again he's been on the islanders. I bet you we could lock him up for 2-2.5 for I'd say 2yrs he'd put up 50-60pts I'm sure his +/- would improve to what it was back in his buffalo days and Hudler would have a friend to talk to.
  10. RWNW: G2G Saturday May 17th 10:30am PST Game 5

    It appears I will not be able to make it I found out I am being sent to Oregon tonight. I hope everyone has a great time!!! Well Wishes to you on your surgery and a speedy recovery.
  11. Who is next to sign with Detroit?

    Im sure ill get a bunch of crap for this but look at what the rangers just spent....Im gonna throw these from way out of left field and say Shannahan.
  12. Red Wings vs. Ducks

    Where are you guys sitting... I may be at that game im awaiting word from someone on exactly where ill be sitting..I'll either be in a luxury box.. or in the 300 section which is club seating, I should know by Friday. I'll definetly swing by Schmidts before hand if that is the plan as well.