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  1. Darren Helm Appreciation

    I hope Helm has played his last game with the Griffins. This kid must stay!!
  2. Stefan Legein retires at age 19?

    I'd quit too if I knew the Detroit Red Wings were in my division.
  3. 2008-09 NHL Schedule Released

    You're right. The schedule is usually released around noon eastern time the day of the MLB All-Star game......don't expect it today!!
  4. Wow, Pittsburghers are really ticked

    The Hossa situation is very similar to the Cujo signing a few years ago. Both Hossa & Cujo are quoted as saying, "Detroit has the best chance of winning the cup." Both signings resulted in pissed off fans with their previous teams. We all know how the Cujo trial worked, let's hope lightning doesn't strike twice!!!
  5. #1 Superfan, Pet Edition

    Good stuff.......even dogs & cats love the Wings!!!!
  6. Cleary cleared to remove face guard.

    Hopefully this helps his game cause he has not looked even close to the Cleary of the 07 playoffs.
  7. MULE REPORT: Franzen Cleared to Practice

    Can't wait to have the MULE back. It will be double trouble for Fleury, as he does not have the size or the balls to move Franzen & Homer from the crease......Have fun baby penguin!!!
  8. Eklund Article

    He must be a Wings fan because this is what he said to Brian Burke in a FAKE interview: Peklund: ***** are you aware of the Mathieu Schneider curse? Burke: What is that? Peklund: The Red Wings have not won a Stanley Cup ever since they traded for Schneider in 2003. Now that he is gone I expect the Red Wings to win the Cup next season. Provided they don't get screwed over in Game 5 again of the WCF and by s*** luck. Have you thanked God yet for that Cup? We all know the Red Wings ***** slapped the Ducks in that series and it was only for Michelin Man Giggy's fat ass blocking all those barrage of Red Wings scoring chances as the reason why you got drunk on champagne and vomited all over Penner after you won the Cup. Is that the real reason why Penner is an Oiler? Because you could not control your vomit? P5
  9. Eklund Article

    PEKLUND is going to drive that delusional schizophrenic (Eklund) into the looney bin where he belongs. This is what PEKLUND just wrote: Eklund I know you're reading this and are so tempted to come on here and threaten me again. So I have this to say to you... KISS MY ASS you phoney whiny little scum sucking douchebag! P5
  10. Wings Preseason Schedule Is Out

    Looks like the regular season schedule is out tommorrow and according to Howard Berger the Wings will visit will visit the Northeast and the Southeast will come to the Joe. SOUTHEAST DIVISION (Tampa Bay, Florida, Washington, Atlanta, Carolina) at CENTRAL DIVISION (Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Columbus, Nashville)
  11. according to eklund the wings are "up to something" LMAO

    He's saying Pitkanen and Cole to the Oilers and Torres to Philly. I could see the Pitkanen part being true. The Oilers have been after him for awhile.
  12. When was your first Wings game at the Joe?

    January 2, 2007 (Yzerman's Retirement) and I'm glad it was that game.
  13. Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

    10 years ago today June 7, 1997 was one of the best days of my life. When Stevie finally hoisted the holy grail, it brought tears to the eyes of all Wings fans. Thanks for the memories that are still so vivid today!!!!!
  14. Congrats Ducks

    Could not have said it better myself!!!
  15. Pronger at it again: elbow to McAmmond's head

    He's a selfish player that puts himself before the team. He even puts himself before his family!!! I'm sure some woman in Anaheim will come forward to verify that.