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  1. Good thing he signed Glendenning before his current contract even finished, I'm sure those contract talks would have been a nail biter had he actually waited till the end of the season!
  2. Got one back!
  3. Did Ken Daniels just call him Sporazek?
  4. Haha, almost 8 minutes in with no shot on goal yet
  5. Some guy on mlive just said Boudreau is putting Pulkkinen on first line with Koivu..shall be interesting to see if it's true and what he can do! Seems I've been beaten to the punch
  6. Wings3:16

  7. All these years he kept saying we gotta "build through the draft!", then he has a weekend like this. Unbelievable. I hope Frk scores 20+ goals
  8. Then there's that pesky cap
  9. Agreed, if this team gets an identity it's going to include Larkin, DD, and Mrazek, in my opinion
  10. Trouba has requested a trade...
  11. Carlo Colaiacovo! Built like a glass sh!t house
  12. Richards is getting 5+ mill a year in buy out money for a while yet...why wouldn't he quit, haha
  13. 2nd year in a row the Wings signed a player from little ol' PEI!
  14. I foresee a Staal signing