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  1. Wow, look at Eaves go this year!
  2. Good to see Manthony get a couple points!
  3. Burns is worth it for the beard alone!
  4. Dave Lewis I'm pretty sure, but they gave him a job somewhere else, haha
  5. Leafs are doing better than us...I'm gonna be sick!
  6. Team not scoring? Let's get Glendening on that second line!!
  7. approach to just assume it went in I guess
  8. Haha, came to say the same thing - Poor Montoya just wants the night to end!
  9. The circle of life!
  10. Holy crap, when was the Wings last 5 game win streak?! Awesome!! edit; January 2015, not bad
  11. Jesus my heart, clear the damn thing!
  12. 75 combined shots so far, wow
  13. Hahaha, I forgot Shea Weber was traded, I thought Larkin dropped him for a few minutes there
  14. Sheahan in the top line?! I'm starting to sour on Blashill