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  1. On 8/29/2022 at 12:46 PM, GMRwings1983 said:

    Besides actual Red Wings you've watched play, I marvel at how posters can rank all the unknowns.  Most posters couldn't pick half of these players out of a police lineup.  

    Imo most fans know what our top prospects look like and there skill level floor/ceiling based on game tape and prospect profiles. Of course no fans know where these players will end up outside the top5 its a complete crapshoot but as a fan its fun to speculate.

  2. On 8/25/2022 at 10:16 AM, redw1ngs said:

    Pronmans list

    1. Moritz Seider, D

    2. Lucas Raymond, RW

    3. Simon Edvinsson, D

    4. Marco Kasper, C

    5. Filip Zadina, RW

    6. Elmer Söderblom, LW

    7. Joseph Veleno, C

    8. Jonatan Berggren, LW

    9. Sebastian Cossa, G

    10. Shai Buium, D

    11. William Wallinder, D

    12. Albert Johansson, D

    13. Donovan Sebrango, D

    14. Carter Mazur, RW

    15. Theodor Niederbach, C

    Dmitri Buchelnikov, RW Liam Dower Nilsson, C Cross Hanas, LW Dylan James, LW Robert Mastrosimone, LW Jared McIsaac, D Redmond Savage, C Eemil Viro, D


    Pronmans league wide ranking

    2. Moritz Seider, D

    9. Lucas Raymond, RW

    32. Simon Edvinsson, D

    67. Marco Kasper, C

    80. Filip Zadina, RW

    96. Elmer Söderblom, LW

    122. Joseph Veleno, C

    151. Jonatan Berggren, LW

    165. Sebastian Cossa, G

  3. Pronmans list

    1. Moritz Seider, D

    2. Lucas Raymond, RW

    3. Simon Edvinsson, D

    4. Marco Kasper, C

    5. Filip Zadina, RW

    6. Elmer Söderblom, LW

    7. Joseph Veleno, C

    8. Jonatan Berggren, LW

    9. Sebastian Cossa, G

    10. Shai Buium, D

    11. William Wallinder, D

    12. Albert Johansson, D

    13. Donovan Sebrango, D

    14. Carter Mazur, RW

    15. Theodor Niederbach, C

    Dmitri Buchelnikov, RW Liam Dower Nilsson, C Cross Hanas, LW Dylan James, LW Robert Mastrosimone, LW Jared McIsaac, D Redmond Savage, C Eemil Viro, D

  4. 1 hour ago, Neomaxizoomdweebie said:

    Is this just a case of him needing more time because of injury setbacks? Or do we have another Sproul/Ouelette on our hands?

    Ya Mcisaac/Sebrango/Viro are Sproul/Ouellet/Backman. Happy we finally have blue chip prospects so we dont have to get overhyped about these scrubs anymore.

  5. 1 hour ago, kipwinger said:

    The point was that we don't have many centers, and because of that Ras was forced to play a role (shutdown center) that he was not drafted for, which demands tougher zone starts, and generally pairs him with less offensively capable wingers. Conversely, because we are deeper on the wing Zadina largely played the EXACT role he was drafted for (scoring line winger) and sucked pretty badly.

    Fun Fact: Despite being drafted a year earlier, Ras is only 6 months older than Zadina and has only played 20 more NHL games. There is not some massive difference in their development. I might even argue that Ras's development was more impacted because he was NOT capable of going to the AHL in his D+1 year (unlike Zadina) because of the CHL/NHL agreement, and he dealt with significant injuries early in his pro-career.

    Your point is still lost. Less c should mean more opportunity to climb higher in the lineup. More w should mean harder time to get top6 mins. What role do you think Rasmusen was drafted for? should he be playing now?

  6. 16 minutes ago, bIueadams said:

    I cant say what anyone is. Sebrango and Viro have entered mens leagues and played very well abormally early relative to typical routes. Barton hasnt had a chance to play much at all. 

    If Newpower goes down to toledo so be it. But ill be a bit dissapointed if SY brought Viro over to the states just for Horcoff to bench or send him to Toledo in favor of a career AHLer in the twighlight of his career.

    We have plenty of vets and rookies under contract. Lashoff has become a redundancy. 

    Viro sucks.

  7. 15 minutes ago, mackel said:

    He has better linemates because he's a one trick pony... unless he's scoring (which he isn't) he's useless... think Pulkinen, Brunner, etc.  It's our bad luck our GM just looked at the TSN draft list and didn't understand why Busty was available at 6.


    It was a awful pick I dont think youll find anyone disagree with that. That doesnt mean he cant be a reliable 3w in the NHL. If you drop your wallet and $20 falls out and blows away are you going to take all the money out of the wallet and throw it away?

  8. 14 minutes ago, kipwinger said:

    I doubt management is "higher" on Zadina. Of the two he's the only one that was healthy scratched (several times) last season. Additionally, of the two Zadina was the one called out (by name) by Yzerman this offseason as a player who needed to take a big step next year.

    The reasons Zadina gets better linemates are probably several. One, we're extremely thin at center in the NHL and Yzerman and Blashill both routinely stated that they viewed Ras as a shutdown center and used him as such until late last season. Rasmussen started in the offensive zone less than any other regular on the team by a pretty sizeable margin. He was absolutely buried in the d-zone largely because of his perceived "role" as a shutdown center.

    Second, if you look at Ras's goals from last season you'll quickly notice he generates much of it himself. He's less reliant on his linemates. Seriously, watch how many times he beats a goalie clean on an oddman rush with Sundqvist or Erne as the other guy.

    Third, Zadina is extremely limited defensively and can only be used safely in offensive situations. The same thing is true of Suter and Fabbri (his two most common linemates last season). All of them rate out quite badly in terms of defensive metrics. So they got used on the offensive zone a lot with the expectation that it would limit their defensive lapses and maximize their strengths. Conversely, Ras's scoring came largely despite his usage. and he still managed more goals, points, and primary assists than Zadina.

    The man that healthy scratched Zadina is no longer employed by the DRW nothing to do with current management. SY probly called Zadina out by name to light a fire under him because he knows hes capable of more then hes shown. his d+2 was impressive.

    So Zadina gets more ice time with better linemates because were deeper at w then c? What kinda backwards logic is that? Since were so thin at c shouldnt Ras get more ice time with better linemates instead of being stapled to the 4th line?

    Its not really fair to compare Rasmusens d+5 season to Zadinas d+4 season. Ras just had his breakout season lets see if Zadina can have a breakout or at least build on last season.

  9. 1 hour ago, bIueadams said:

    If youre gonna use scoring/60 if you have to use 5v5 play. Otherwise youre inflating Zadinas stats with PP time.


    D+2: 1.06 + worse linesmates

    D+4: 1.05 + worse linemates

    D+5: 1.33 + PK + worse linemates


    D+1: 0.0 + better linemates

    D+2: 1.25 + better linemates

    D+3: 1.16 + better linemates

    D+4: 0.95 + better linemates

    Why do you think Zadina has got better linemates every year? Maybe management have a higher view of him then bobby and joey on

    Rasmusen has got looks with better linemates and hasnt looked better then Zadina imo.

  10. 1 hour ago, bIueadams said:

    Not saying Lashoff isnt a solid AHL Dman. Im saying he doesnt have a contract with the wings, and we have more than enough prospects who do. AHL is a development league and he shouldnt be taking spots from guys like Viro and Barton who need the icetime. 

    Not having a contract with the Wings is irrelevent. Lashoff is the perfect pro to mentor these young prospects. Hes more likely to be top pair playing 20+mins/gp then Toledo. If Sebrango is Ouellet Viro and Barton are Backman and Sproul.

  11. 14 hours ago, mackel said:

    Ras was a draft reach...  he has size and a defensive game that makes him more flexible (top 6 or bottom 6) and he's been more productive offensively than Zadina who is an offense only option who was was projected Ascari top 3 pick.  And yes draft position matters... if we drafted Zadina in the 7th round people would be thrilled., we wasted a top 10 pick on a waiver caliber player. 

    This here explains alot. Draft position shouldnt matter it def doesnt to SY.

    10 hours ago, bIueadams said:

    Last season Ras scored 1.33 pts per 60 minutes. Zadina scored 0.95 pts per 60 minutes. Ras did that while being deployed in the D zone disproportinately more often than Zadina. And most often with worse linemates. 

    Ras was easily the better offensive player last year. 

    Im not even trying to build Ras up. Hes been a dissapointment too. Zadina has just been THAT BAD. While also bringing nothing else to the table. 

    Does Zadina kill penalties? Does he take a large amount of defensive zone starts? Does he take draws? No... he takes sheltered offensive minutes with great linemates and does less with it then Ras does from a bottom 6 defensive role. 

    Pretty convenient to use last seasons stats Zadinas worst and Rasmusens best.

    Heres the breakdown by season.


    d+1: 0gp

    d+2: 62gp-8g-10a-18pts-0.29pts/gp-1.44pts/60

    d+3: 0gp

    d+4: 40gp-3g-9a-12pts-0.30pts/gp-1.22pts/60

    d+5: 80gp-15g-12a-27pts-0.34pts/gp-1.39pts/60


    d+1: 9gp-1g-2a-3pts-0.33pts/gp-1.30pts/60

    d+2: 28gp-8g-7a-15pts-0.54pts/gp-2.12pts/60

    d+3: 49gp-6g-13a-19pts-0.39pts/gp-1.38pts/60

    d+4: 74gp-10g-14a-24pts-0.32pts/gp-1.37pts/60

    Each d+ season Zadinas been better then Rasmusen. Both had there best statistical seasons in there d+2 seasons. Zadina just needs to get 0.35pts/gp-0.40pts/60 to again better Rasmusen but obv he should be aiming higher then that.

    Both were drafted to high but if they can get back to there d+2 production everyone would be happy.

  12. 17 hours ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

    This is 14/7/2 in Detroit.  Or do you mean in GR?  I would agree with you that they might keep Kampfer up in Detroit to make 8.

    Try counting them again.

    9 hours ago, bIueadams said:

    Seider, Chiarot, Maata, Hronek, Hagg, Lindstrom, Oesterle, Kampfer, Pysyk (IR), Walman (IR). Thats 8 in Detroit. 

    Edvinsson, Lashoff, McIsaac, Sebrango, Johansson, Viro, Barton, Newpower. That's 8 in GR. 

    All due respect to the good soldier that is Brian Lashoff, but I'm not all that interested in icing a 32 year old career AHL Dman - who doesnt even have a contract with the Red Wings - while x2 actual prospects in need of ice time ride the bench. This is like benching Andreasson so that Dominik Shine can play.

    SY seems to have moved past the Lashoff era, and so have I. I suspect he was only even re-signed to an AHL contract bc he is settled with his family in GR and doesnt want to play anywhere else. So why not keep him on the team as insurance for AHL peanuts. Least we can do for a guy who so loyal for so long anyway...

    Kampfer, Hagg, and Pysyk may all be joining GR at different points this season as well. Lash just isn't needed much anymore. This year is likely his victory lap while they find him a spot in coaching or development. 

    I think Edvinsson will make the team over Kampfer but well see.

    Lashoff is still better then alot of the dmen on that team. Shine is probly better then Andreasson to. Not saying I would play Shine over Andreasson but dont be suprised if he does.

    16 hours ago, Neomaxizoomdweebie said:

    Lashoff has always been underrated.


  13. 44 minutes ago, bIueadams said:

    Not sure where Lashoff fits in anymore now that we have so many Dmen, especially when Pysyk and Walman return and Lash is on an AHL contract. Gotta think Pysyk at least gets played as a forward mostly. 

    DET: Seider, Chiarot, Hronek, Maata, Oesterle, Lindstrom, Walman (7)

    GR: Hagg, Kampfer, Edvinsson, Mcisaac, Sebrango, Johansson, Viro (7)

    Toledo: Lashoff, Newpower, Barton (3)

    Lashoff has been and imo still is 1 of GRs top dmen. Hes not going down to Toledo will probly still be top pair or 2 worst case.

    Walman and Pysyk will be on LTIR to start and SY will probly go 13-8-2.

    DET LD: Chairot/Maata/Edvinsson/Hagg/Oesterle RD: Seider/Hronek/Lindstrom

    GR LD: Lashoff/Mcisaac/Sebrango/Johansson/Viro RD: Kampfer/Newpower/Barton

  14. 1 hour ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

    We will see how Grand Rapids goes this year.   If he gets top pair minutes with the Griffs, I wouldnt be surprised to see him fill in for injuries with the big club.

    Hes not getting top pair minutes in D ever or GR anytime soon. Lashoff and Mcisaac are ahead of Sebrango and dont be shocked if Johansson jumps him this season to. This is assuming Edvinsson makes it in Detroit which isnt a lock either.

  15. 6 hours ago, Neomaxizoomdweebie said:

    Uh because he played horribly on the world stage against competition that should have been easy for him. The Worlds were a setback for him.

    He didnt play well but horrible is a stretch clearly wasnt himself. Doubt SYs putting much stock in a tournament he had food poisoning. Hell def have to step up his game in TC tho.

  16. 7 hours ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

    disagree.  I think hes gonna be great.  a perfect fit for Seider.

    I thought you were talkin bout making it but your talkin bout top pair? lol

    Sebrango is around 10 or 11 on the LHD depth chart imo. Chiarot Maata Hagg Walman Oesterle Edvinsson Johansson Wallinder Buium McIsaac are ahead of him imo. 3 or 4 will probly be gone after this season but thats alot to pass to make it let alone top pair.

  17. 17 minutes ago, Neomaxizoomdweebie said:

    Edvinsson should have skipped the WJC altogether and focused on getting ready for training camp and the prospect tournament. There was literally no benefit to him going, and now he has actually hurt his value and chance to make the roster.

    How has he hurt his value and chance to make the roster?

  18. 6 hours ago, Jonas Mahonas said:


    This guy will see NHL minutes this year.  I cant believe how underrated Sebrango is amongst our fanbase.

    Not sure how being the oldest player to win a wjc is impressive basically shoulda been aged out only for the shutdown last winter. I remember fans getting hyped for Ouellet thats basically Sebrangos ceiling. We dont need to get excited about these prospects anymore we have actual blue chip prospects to get excited about that will leave Sebrango in the lurch.  

  19. 9 hours ago, mackel said:

     Yet he was out produced  by Ras in both points and goals...  albeit Ras played 6 more games... that musssst be the difference lol

    Zadina has more pts in less gp and a year behind in his development. Ras had his breakout this past season. Zadina could breakout this season like Ras and alot other 23yo players. Maybe he ends up overseas in a year or 2 but lets wait and see. Before you say hes not gonna have a breakout season getting less opportunity youd be right but noone knows what opportunity players are gonna get under the new coach and noone can predict injuries. Zadina probly starts in the bottom6 but could be a injury or 2 away from top6.

  20. 8 hours ago, kipwinger said:

    Btw Ras is doing all that in fewer minutes, more defensive situations, and worse line mates. Zadinas does less while being force fed premium minutes. 

    Rasmusen will continue to get less minutes more defensive situations and worse linemates because hes better defensively. Zadina will continue to get more minutes more offensive situations and better linemates because hes better offensively.

    The bold is false.