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  1. Givani Smith

    Thank you
  2. Givani Smith

    Where is Givani right now? I can't find stats on him anywhere. Is he hurt?
  3. Pre-Season Games

    Frk has really been throwing his weight around. He's really trying hard to impress management.
  4. Pre-Season Games

    Glendening has been playing with a lot of piss and vinegar. I like it.
  5. Pre-Season Games

    Mantha looks so good.
  6. Riley Sheahan ( aka Mr Teletubby)

    *jingle* We here at LetsGoWings.com know that life is hard sometimes, that's why we ask you to come here and complain about everything. It will make you feel better for 7-8 seconds. Welcome, and #@%$ Holland. *jingle fades out* Perhaps they gave him an A to show prospective trade partners that he's, like, a leader and stuff.
  7. Pre-Season Games

    I want Hicketts on the team right now. What a battler he is.
  8. Athanasiou Rumor

    I wonder what the players think about all of this. I have a pretty good idea what management and the organization thinks. If he does sign he's going to have a lot to prove.
  9. Pre-Season Games

    Rasmussen getting destroyed along the boards.
  10. Pre-Season Games

    Yeah I guess. You'd see Maltby jawing at people all of the time, though. Bertuzzi seems tentative and nervous. I'm willing to give him some time to get his confidence. I think he'll be fine.
  11. Pre-Season Games

    Glendening swinging them. Dang!
  12. Pre-Season Games

    I like Witkowski (sp?) over Bertuzzi at this point. Berts supposed to provide a physical, abrasive element on our fourth line and I have not seem him pay abrasive yet for this team, including last year.
  13. Pre-Season Games

    Everyone's played really well so far.
  14. DRW Training Camp 2017

    Interesting to see Cholowski on Team Develcchio over Lashoff, Renouf, and Russo.
  15. Little Caesars Sneak Peek

    I can't imagine them taking attention away from the team and building to retire Fedorov's number on opening night. Maybe next year.