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  1. Helm on a breakaway from a great pass from Z.
  2. Pretty good, not a fantastic fight. Probably a draw.
  3. Why give them something to hold up? That means they can't applause. :-/
  4. Are we the team that gets the backup goalies now?
  5. I see Yzerman's face and I remember how he got all of those scars. I miss him
  6. Boy I wish I could watch the game on FSD instead of this TB feed..........................................
  7. Haha wtf Ott!? Yelling at Palat: "Don't look in my eyes! Don't look in my eyes!"
  8. Drouin was great in The Untouchables
  9. I'm excited to have Ott and watch him annoy the hell out of people. You want to fight about it you can call me at 1-800-PRO-FLOWERS
  10. Wasn't Pulkkinen passed over by many in the draft because he was injury prone? Maybe they thought he was heading back in the direction. Plus whatever. He will still be slow, easy to knock off the puck, and take too long to get his shot off no matter what team he plays for.
  11. Based on one exhibition game?
  12. I'd say that means at least that we'd have the inside track! So would this mean that he'd participate in scrimmages and such? Certainly he wouldn't dress for the exhibition games.
  13. "Harren forcers gooen sev." Huh?? What does he say? Also, am I the only dummy who looked up Jay Baruchel on ihdb.com? lol