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  1. This isn't on national television, is it?
  2. Created by Scott Gomez I bet.
  3. Quick thinking by E there
  4. This is some uninspired hockey.
  5. Man, I know we're only 3 minutes in, but this game is a snoozer so far.
  6. Bruins are gonna be angry after their last game with us, should be pretty fun to watch.
  7. Call me weird (most do), but it's kind of exciting to see what becomes of this terrible, terrible team. I grew up watching the Wings suck in the 80s, dominate in the mid 90s -2000s, and now suck again. There is going to have to be a philosophical and personnel sea change, and that really intrigues me. Can't wait to see the new incarnation, however many years that takes.
  8. So Ott is playing?
  9. Ott being punished for Sheahan's misgivings?
  10. Is he talking about kicks to the groin?
  11. He said throats. That seems even worse.
  12. By god Yzerman is photogenic.
  13. Don't go to Jackson. I know it's not close, but just don't go there.
  14. I nearly went to this game. Good thing I had presents to wrap.