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    *Natalie & Nicole* Twins from Michigan. We LOVE the Red Wings and the Tigers. Our favorite players are Kirk Maltby and Brandon Inge. <br /><br />Some of our favorite shows are CSI (We ship Nick/Greg, Catherine & Warrick, Sofia & Brass, and Grissom & Sara), Power Rangers (We love all seasons and we love the slash!), Queer as Folk (The show is just amazing and Brian & Justin are the cutest), As the World Turns (We really only watch it for Luke and now Noah!), Ghost Hunters, MythBusters, Drake & Josh, Degrassi, South Park, Family Guy, and Futurama.<br /><br />As you can tell, we adore SLASH (pairing up two characters of the same sex). I ship slash for practically every show I watch! Unless of course, it's already canon. <br /><br />Just to let you all know, we love, where you can create your own Wiki's. I proudly am ivolved with 3 of them that surround my obsessions. is the official CSI fan Wiki, which I am I proud moderator of, please visit this site if you are a CSI fan! I also created two Wikis and The first is a Power Rangers Slash Wiki and the other is a Queer as Folk Wiki!<br /><br />Well, that's all I have for now!<br /><br />- twins

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  1. I'm just glad we're actually doing something.
  2. LOL, you guys are funny, same as the new jersey, no big deal.
  3. Very simple, nothing extravagant. I think they're nice.
  4. Backstreet Boys "Inconsolible" on 96.3's Hit or Miss. LOL. Sorry, I'm just a big BSB geek.
  5. I think 80 - 90 as well.
  6. Poor, poor schneider, we need him .
  7. I agree with you all, plus the Blackhawks and Canadiens haven't been good for a while, I'm not surprised in the least that they didn't make it. The Bruins were far from good as well, doesn't the teams playing ability count for anything?
  8. I say no, it's an unfair goal, hockey isn't soccer, a goal should be scored with a stick.
  9. I say Wings in six now, .
  10. Go Lilja! Man, I could only watch the first period, then I had to go to work, so I listened to it on the radio and heard his fight....but I recorded to see the goals and now I remember that he had a fight and I already deleted the game! Ugh!
  11. Come on Wings! This isn't 2 years ago, we can beat them this year! I watch and listen to every game! Go Wings!
  12. Yeah! Go Wings! Memories of Holmstrom being 95. LOL.
  13. All I want to say is that I'm glad there are no shoot-outs in the playoffs.
  14. FSN without question! Also the best place to watch the Tigers!
  15. Little affect, I don't watch the games for fighting, but I would miss it.