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  1. WingNut 25

  2. Confused on the direction of this team going forward

    I no longer have faith in the organization's direction. Give the kids more playing time and start moving out worthless vets in any way you can (for whatever return you can get). Let the playoff streak die. Holding onto that is making this team stagnant. They aren't moving up or down.
  3. Red Wings items for sale

    All prices are delivered. Paypal is preferred. Henrik Zetterberg RBK replica home jersey w/ 2008 Stanley Cup Final patch and tackle twill letters/numbers, size XL - $80 Henrik Zetterberg autographed 8x10 photo w/ Frozen Pond COA - $45 Jimmy Howard autographed 8x10 photo (obtained in person so no COA) - $20
  4. Still no decision from Suter. Speculation abounds.

    Hard to hold out hope for Parise when he apparently wants $10 million a year. Suter we need. They need to go all in and not let another team outbid them. Not sold on Semin but if they could offer him a 1 year deal for $5 million, a la Hossa, and see how the experiment works then I'm interested.
  5. St. James: Wings have inquired about Rick Nash

    I see any Nash deal starting with Franzen. Columbus won't take any 3rd and 4th liners. Drop the pipe dream. It would take kids like Kindl, Tatar, etc and a pick along with Mule. Mule's long deal provides security for Columbus.
  6. Nick Lidstrom retires after 20 seasons

    We all knew this day was coming, either this season or next. Frankly I have had a gut feeling since the season ended that he was done. I was hopeful the allure of the Winter Classic and potential big name signings in the offseason would bring him back but he has nothing left to prove. I think the injury he suffered also played a factor, regardless of whether or not he'll say it publicly. He didn't bounce back from that very quickly and I think that was a wake up call for him.
  7. Detroit has inside track on Parise

    If paying Lidstrom $6 mill. next year costs the Wings flexibility and/or Parise and/or Suter, let him retire. The bigger picture is what's most important, not the past.
  8. Detroit has inside track on Parise

    The true insult would be a 42 year old getting $6+ million next year. We all respect the hell out of Nick but he was overpaid this year. It would be a tragic mistake to give him more than $2 million should he return.
  9. Nick, Homer retirement, New Captain

    Parise gets an A if they sign him. Otherwise the 3 A rotation ends. Captain - Z Alternates- Dats and Kronner
  10. Building a new Wings team (the realists thread)

    Cap space is key now a days. Lord only knows what the next CBA has in store. Pop a decimal point between the 8 and the 2 on Giroux and you have his salary for next year.
  11. Building a new Wings team (the realists thread)

    That's not a bad approach but one thing to keep in mind: do you want to nearly max out your cap space with those players? I prefer to see them save some of that for 2013 if they don't land Parise.
  12. Building a new Wings team (the realists thread)

    Agreed that they need scorers. Unfortunately the market is slim there. You also can't sit around hoping for a bunch I talent to come up UFA next summer. The new trend is to lock up guys before UFA status, not gamble they will come back. We did it with Pavel before it was popular to do so.
  13. Building a new Wings team (the realists thread)

    Would we want Hossa at this point if he ends up with concussion issues?
  14. What's Kenny Holland's Offseason Plan?

    LOL you're pathetic kid. You can't even keep on topic while everyone blows holes in your ridiculous fantasy trades like Franzen for Morrow. No one is making competitions out of thread creation. What are you 10? Who cares who replies?? I frankly was exhausted by page after page of fantasy scenarios. I hadnt even started posting on this forum again until recently so no, I didn't make any predictions like you apparently did in your crystal ball. You're right, no one's opinion is right or wrong. But that doesn't mean an opinion isn't dumb or even ridiculous in nature, like your master plan you laid out. It's dumb, it's short sighted and my daring prediction is none of it will happen. Let's agree to disagree from here on out. I get tired of replying to useless drivel.
  15. What's Kenny Holland's Offseason Plan?

    I'd prefer Kindl be moved before White. Very underwhelmed by Kobdl in all facets of his game.