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  1. Is DickieDunn enjoying some barley pops tonight?
  2. Not that this thread is about those two, in hindsight you may want them back, but the difference is, we don't have Legwand or Cole taking up a roster spot anymore, but if we had those two back, we'd have no room for all the players with Holland's unmovable contracts... Or Mantha and AA would still be in GR, possibly along with Larkin.
  3. Interesting...
  4. If this is the case, then a 1st, HIGH prospect and another element is an over payment in most GM's minds...Look like unless they lower the price significantly, they may lose him for nothing...
  5. Yes, we have Toronto's 3rd (Babcock signing) and Chicago's 3rd....which sucks only because our 3rd would be a late 2nd basically now, but Holland may have hedged that we'd finish higher than Toronto so he keep the one he may have thought would be higher...but still 2... Go to capfriendly.com and you can see all our picks, and it will show you details of the traded ones.
  6. regarding Shattenkirk: Trade Vanek for the 1st, trade that plus Nyquist and Svech for Shatty....as long as we can come to a contract extension agreement.
  7. You got that backwards...Chicago's 3rd = could equal early 4th if they win the Cup. Could be as early as a mid round 3rd. But not a late 2nd, they are no danger of missing the playoffs. Still a good return...
  8. Actually the 3rd we traded to SJS was already paid, they traded it to Phoenix...we traded it to them, they traded it to Phoenix along with a 4th rounder last draft for Letunov and a 6th rounder this draft...see below: June 20, 2016: ARI 2016 4th round pick (#120-Otto Koivula) 2017 3rd round pick SJS Maxim Letunov 2017 6th round pick May 26, 2016: SJS 2017 3rd round pick DET Dylan Sadowy
  9. Jarnkrok? Really? What about that scrub Eaves we traded? I think Chicago overpaid for Jurco, considering his production here, BUT, he was never really given the chance to prove he was an offensive player. HE may have had a few shifts in the top 6, but nowhere near as much as Helm, SHeahan, Abby or Glenny. All who of which haven't produced there consistently. Glad to see they are in the bottom 6 now, but honestly, I think if Jurco was given the chance on a consistent basis to be in the top 6, he would've have earned a spot here and we may be talking about someone else being dealt. Can't change it now, for some reason he just couldn't get out of the dog house. I hope we don't regret it, but hey, at least we got a nice return. What if Chicago is the first team eliminated? Mid round pick then...
  10. Not at all...too bad he was playing behind players like Abby, Helm and Glendening when it came to lines. I never understood how lifetime bottom 6 players like those every got playing time over jurco...oh well, moot now.
  11. If we got a 3rd for Jurco, we could most definitely get someone to take E's contract, right? Yes, but look what we were saying about eaves when he got traded from here...
  12. Vanek for Trouba! +5
  13. At least a 1st for Vanek now...1st and 3rd sounds about right to me! And OMG, Holland didn't get raped!
  14. That would still be it. But, of course St. Louis would want a ton more... 1st (between 20-30), 3rd, Nyquist....maybe, MAYBE a prospect.
  15. 2 picks and a player....not our picks. If we got a 1st for Vanek and a 3rd for Smith, those 2 picks and nobody more important to us than Nyquist...AA, Mantha, Larkin out of the question.