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  1. Ya, with money not being our ace in the hole, there's no real way of attracting him. Despite all of our perfect scenarios, this is reality.
  2. Green to Edmonton makes sense for all party's. We need an extra 1st, we need the cap space, we could use the roster spot. Green would make their team better, he'd probably score more points in their system, and he could be an important piece to put them to the next level. Which could be serious Cup contenders...which is great for Edmonton and Green.
  3. No, just saying, for as good as he is, he hasn't been that guy to carry his team to the playoffs. He may have to alter his game a bit to take himself and his team to the next level. So in that sense he hasn't been such a success. Sheesh, everyone always looking for a fight...
  4. If we could get rid of the always injured guys back there, we could see how good these kids may be sooner rather than later...
  5. Outside of scoring a lot in the regular season, it's beginning to look like Hall is the bust. He couldn't carry Edmonton to the playoffs and failed to help New Jersey into the playoffs. Maybe it's not his fault, but he better start leading his team into the playoffs soon! And I'm a Hall fan, just seems like he's got a cloud following him...
  6. pretty stocky guy...
  7. Check out Filip sandberg (@sampthechamp): https://twitter.com/sampthechamp?s=09 Nothing on his Twitter about signing...
  8. We cannot sign him without losing an asset, he's an RFA when his contract is up, Peg would match or take our draft picks.
  9. True, I'm just so used to us craving a top guy who's right handed. All this talk of Trouba and Hamilton has got me brainwashed.
  10. If Svech alone got us Trouba? I think 100% of us would do it.
  11. I don't see anything that screams #1 d-man. Plus he's left handed.
  12. Don't know much about DaHaan, who does he compare to? Would he step in and be our #1?
  13. I was having those issues in 2011. Not 08. I simply said I didn't say what you said I said when you said I said it. I'm not worried about you bringing that up, I brought it up back then, it happened, we were apart for 4 months and are still together today. I never said I didn't lose it about the Wings now and again. You were just so matter of fact that it happened that night. I'm sure I said something crazy back then because if you remember something like what you wrote about a meaningless users personal life that i vented so many years ago, then I will have to admit that you probably remember me saying something to the effect of what you're describing. But it just wasn't when you said it was. Anyway, I obviously said it a few weeks ago, so I can't deny it again. I will say that I will be mad if Holland drafts him, but can't say he won't ever grow on me. He's just not the player I want. And for the record, I won't burn anything, s*** costs too much!
  14. Ok, you win number9, gordiehowesnumber, supermansballsupporter...or whatever your name will be next month. I give your childish ranting win. Kindly do not respond to me again and if you call me another unwarranted derragatory name, we'll have to elevate the situation. refresh your memory of forum rules. I asked you once, you said it again. I won't ask you again.