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  1. according to @GREGGKRUPA, Blashill says AA needs to bring IMPACT to the team...uh, how about a top 6 role then? 4th line you won't get much impact from AA. How about we just send him back to GR, so he can play top line minutes every night? Sheesh...This is what I question about Blashill, his usage of players. Sure, for now, he's hit a winning combo with Nyquist/Helm/Vanek, but Sheahan in the top 6? Are they trying to showcase him? AA should be top 6, in the other thread I put him on a line with Nielsen and Larkin, Sheahan should be 4th line. Ott and Miller should be rotating in and out as the 12th forward. This is another reason why I'm glad Mantha isn't up, he'd probably be place on the 4th as well.
  2. I know in we aren't getting both, hell, we'll be lucky to get even one. But until all the tire kicking is done, and they are traded elsewhere (if at all) I can dream and hold out hope! BTW, with the roster moves above and re-signing Trouba, we are under the cap by $1.1M WITH Kronwall and Jurco's salary. Come expansion: Protect: Abdelkader, Nyquist, AA, Mantha, Nielsen (NMC,) Helm, Sheahan DD, Trouba, Fowler Mrazek ...if you are offering Vanek a contract, leave him unprotected and wait until after the expansion draft! Or if you extend him before, protect him in place of Sheahan maybe.
  3. Well until a trade is made or not, to us or someone else, we are ALL interested in watching what happens with Trouba. If the MODS want to change the title to Trouba/Fowler watch, that'll be cool too! Since those seem to be the main two guys getting most the association with Detroit. I'm still holding out for both, but I am not sure Holland has it in him to pull off TWO big deals like these! I think as it gets closer to December 1, the price for BOTH guys will come down, because the Jets will want to move him and get something in return and the Ducks don't want to have Lindholm sit out the entire season. Problem is, I think Holland will actually have to make THREE deals in order to acquire both. 1. Trade Jimmy for a pick to clear cap.(I've seen ARZ mentioned, do they need a goalie? What's up with Mike Smith?) 2. Trade 2017 3rd pick (form TOR) for Fowler 3. Trade XO, Smith, Nyquist(or Tatar) and a 2018 1st for Trouba. (No worries Smith fans, he is UFA in July and could be back! ) Its all so simple! re-sign Trouba for 8 years $5.5M per. Abdelkaer - Zetterberg - Athanasiou Mantha - Nielsen - Larkin Nyquist - Helm - Vanek Miller - Glendening - Sheahan Ott Jurco(injured) Dekeyser - Trouba Fowler - Green Ericsson - Marchenko Sproul Kronwall (injured) Mrazek Pasquele ...of course then deal with the roster at a later date when Kronwall and Jurco come back.
  4. This is going to be a test of a game, this team, much like Tampa, are one of the top 10 with a chance to win it all. I just hope we can keep PK off the scoreboard.
  5. He could score 20+ goals, can't see the future, but as much it was reported that they pounded the table for him, you'd of thought he woul dhave played in all their games. Weird that he's only played in 1. He'd probably have 0 games played here as the 13th forward. He just looked very good in the pre-season and folks are getting tired of developing players and then losing them for nothing. But I do give credit to those of you that said this was no big loss, it seems, so far, you guys were right!
  6. Well wanted Ott in, but not for AA....Grrrr!!!! Nice to see Sproul get in, but I agree, XO was looking very good. I guess it's just a numbers game with those two. They HAVE to see how Sproul plays against NHL talent. They are probably going to evaluate the both and decide which one gets traded. WPG wants a lefty, so you would think XO would be included in any deal with them.
  7. Just an update. Frk has only played in 1 game, with 0 points and is a -1. He seemed, in the pre-season, that he had finally turned his game in to an nhl game. Season is still young, I hated to lose him for free, but thus far it looks like we won't be missing him.
  8. I honestly hope Ott gets back in soon. Can't really call out anyone on the team to replace, but I'd like to see him in for about a 5 game stretch.
  9. The only thing is, in the past, users would make a thread for many small subjects and we've been advised not to clutter up the forum and to find a thread that has that subject in it. ie. Offseason thread, trades around the league, fixing this team...etc...but i understand the idea of not just having 2 active threads, makes the forum look unappealing and boring. This is the best Hockey forum worldwide and we want that to continue!
  10. Vanek will not be traded. It's almost a guarantee Kenny will re-sign him if he scores anywhere near 30 and makes the PP a legit force again. Nielsen will be fine. There's no reason he cannot play out his contract and contribute every year. His health history is fantastic. When Jurco comes back, I see AA being sent down. Business. Until Holland deals Jurco and one of Nyquist or Tatar there is no room here for AA or Mantha...unfortunately. Again, business. If Holland can trade Howard for a pick, that'll allow him to acquire Fowler for a pick or a low wage earner. Then he can turn another package for Trouba. I know I'm treading on fantasy hoping for both, but it can be done and until it doesn't happen, I'm still holding on. Of course getting both will mean saying goodbye to probably XO, and most likely Smith. Leaving Sproul as the #8 guy when Kronwall returns.
  11. We can only lose 1 player. I assume Howard, Ericsson and Green will be the higher paid guys left unprotected. I hope Kronwall and Zetterberg get left unprotected as well, but I seriously doubt those two will be selected. Honestly, if Green has a career year, and we pick up one of Trouba or Fowler, I wouldn't mind seeing him protected along with DD and which ever one we acquire. Yes it leaves some young kids open, but again, we can only lose 1 player.
  12. Maybe Howard with less work is better for this team. But, I do believe he will not be here by this time next season. If not sooner. I've never been a huge fan, but can appreciate his effort last night. If he gets 15-20 games and 7-10 are performances like last night, I don't think we'll have any trouble moving him BEFORE the expansion draft. Of course let's hope post January Mrazek keeps clear of this team this season. That'll create a stickey wicket for sure!
  13. I like the organization of the GDT'S! +1,000,000 to whomever thought of it!
  14. Didn't. He said it on between periods last night.
  15. That was horrible