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  1. ...and there it is.
  2. Curse you uncle Gary! Take the voodoo off of us! You poet! Did ya know it?
  3. Hmmmm....could AA have taken Miller's roster spot? Maybe its just a maint. day...
  4. http://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2016/10/wings-notes-mantha.html Some news and notes.
  5. Deleted...sorry
  6. ....anyone interested?
  7. True, but how long will he be out? Is it Franzen LTIR? This could very well be a whole season thing. I'm just saying that as of now, the need to move a contract is over. If any teams still inquire about Fowler, or anyone, this puts Anaheim more in the drivers seat than before.
  8. $5.25M per. See, they had less than a million in cap space and figured out a way to get it done. Not even a bridge deal either. Now the price for Fowler just went up.
  9. Ya, I've been here since 03! Badge! Badge! Badge! PistoNs Should move back downtown.
  10. Winnipeg playing hardball guarantees they will lose him for nothing when he becomes ufa. I offer a 7th round pick today.
  11. I think you can do a mock draft on the site, but you'd have to guess at which players would be protected from all teams. Does anyone know when teams have to have their list submitted?
  12. The thing is, if you protected DD, Sproul and XO, that would leave Marchenko open, if you protected him, that would leave XO or Sproul open. If you dealt XO in a deal to acquire Fowler or Trouba, then you protected DD, Fowler(Trouba,) Sproul, that would still leave Marchy open (or Sproul) and if I'm Vegas, I am drafting higher end young D before I am drafting a 37 or 35 year old broken down Z or Kronner. I understand the whole veteran thing on the team, but even if they don't come out and say they will retire, everyone in the NHL (us especially) have ZERO doubt that they'll (especially Z) play out their contracts, even here. So it would be pointless to even attempt to draft those two, especially if someone like Sproul, XO or Marchenko is available. If Howard stays as good as he's been, he may be the best goalie left available, even at 33 years old. Nielsen, Abby, Helm, Nyquist, Tatar, Mantha, AA DD, Sproul, Marchenko Mrazek ..from our current team and status, those are my choices to be protected. Any UFA's should not need a wasted protect because if you lost one (Vanek, Smith, Ott, Miller) they could turn around less than a month later and come back to Detroit. Vegas would waste a draft pick. I could especially see Vanek doing this, he can negotiate with Holland anytime, have a deal set in place, but not sign until AFTER the draft. I don't think that would be against any rules.
  13. I have a feeling that Vegas will not want to pay Z or Kronwall's cap for broken down players. If either of them are protected, it'll be a travesty. They both should want Detroit to keep more of the young talent so they have a better chance to maybe win something before they retire. They both should volunteer to be left unprotected and make it known that if Vegas selects one that they will retire. If we waste 2 protects on them, that means Helm, Nyquist or Tatar goes unprotected. Same with Sproul or XO. Now, if your Vegas, even if they don't threaten to retire, are you more excited to see Zoey and Kronwall there or any combination of the others mentioned. If Z and Kronwall are open, there's a better chance Howard or Jurco get selected. If those two are left along with the others I mentioned, who would you take? Worst case scenario, IMO, Holland protects Z, Glenny, Kronwall and Ericsson. Disaster...
  14. He's an alternate captain now, he's here for the long run. Even beyond 7 years.
  15. I'd say, if we continue to win 5 out of 7 games our "need" for Trouba most definitely decreases, thus making the return, from us at least, less. If WPG had an idea to trade with Detroit, their worst case scenario is us doing good and not desperate. Even with our current run, I can still see Holland inquiring about Trouba, but maybe Fowler turns into the better option.