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  1. If Holland was able to get a 1st for Smith, I'd worship the ground he levitates above! a 3rd is most likely, even from PITT. I liked him and Jensen together, but absolutely he will command more than a #5/6 on this team would be worth. Just like Kick sayzzz, We have 3-4 very good #5/6 players that will make a lot less money for a long time. Even at Smith's current salary, it's too much for a 5/6. The goal should be acquiring that #1 whether it be a trade or even if they goes balls out for Shattenkirk come July. We must buyout Ericsson if we cannot deal him or if Vegas doesn't draft him. Too much money for a fringe #4. The buyout is not very expensive nor does it have a bad cap hit. Kronwall needs to LTIR.
  2. We may end up top 5 anyhow, I am not sure the 1st overall would be that much better than #5. No player this season is that great or a clear #1, I've seen mock's that have players all over the place in the top 5 or 6. IMO, Holland is dealing the 1st, at least not by the deadline, maybe come amateur draft day he does. The only way I'd like to see the 1st traded on DL day is for a clear cut #1 D-man. With so many teams right on the cusp (we're only 7 out) of the making the playoffs, I don't see that happening. If ARZ is not going to deal OEL (which I agree, why would they really) there is no D on COL that is worth the 1st. Hmmmmm....but what about Landeskog or McKinnon? Would you package the 1st for one of those two? COL is already known to be shopping players, would they like 2 picks in the top 5?
  3. I just meant would anyone want to give up the 1st. I agree it would take more to get OEL, or Trouba for that matter.
  4. Ya, plus I don't think Jensen would be in danger of being picked anyhow, especially with the forwards that would be potentially left unprotected...
  5. Here's an interesting couple of questions for you guys. We've talked, to no end, about trading the 1st round pick or keeping it, if it would get us Trouba or not (see the pick or trouba thread.) My opinion is well known, but I have to admit, I have been warming up to this Liljigren kid a bit, but anyhow, with Arizona looking to be sellers this week, if Trouba was too expensive, or even if he were available, if ARZ was shopping OEL would you trade the 1st rounder for him? What if both were available? Would you trade the 1st for OEL? If both teams were interested in our 1st, which would you rather have?
  6. http://www.pensburgh.com/2017/2/17/14643698/nhl-trade-talk-brendan-smith-red-wings-penguins-trade Here's the link to the Pitt site that talks about acquiring Smith.
  7. Hey, leaks are the in thing in today's world, we'll probably see the lists! No way should Kronner be protected. With the likes of possibly one or two of Helm, Nyquist, Tatar, Abby and Howard being left unprotected, I think Kronwall, with his injuries, is a pretty safe bet to not go claimed. OF course all this depends on DL moves next week, but this is what I'd be happy with seeing if no moves are made. Nielsen, Z, AA, Mantha, Tatar, Abby, Helm DD, XO, Jensen Mrazek I hesitate on leaving Green unprotected, but it would lift a big burden off our cap, which is in peril right now. Highest cap in the NHL, 4th worst team...
  8. Back when we started this stuff in a different thread, I thought maybe we'd get a 1st for Vanek, 2nd for Green and a 3rd for Smith. If we still got those it would be a good return. But honestly, I think Holland won't do a thing...
  9. Let the trading begin!
  10. I think i know of one! My friends, neighbors, aunts, dog sitters, boyfriends, uncles, next door neighbors, pharmacist may have created a thread for trade deadline talk!
  11. 1st, Mrazek to WPG for Trouba, 2nd. Coreau Howard the rest of the season. UFA goalie July 1st/Coreau next season. Bishop or Miller maybe. ..just a bold prediction. I dont want to trade mrazek, just for the record.
  12. when I wrote that, I didn't even realize it sounded that way...guess I've been brainwashed! But it does kind of pertain to the Wings, especially with the conspiracy of Holland getting raped by other teams with trades too!
  13. Lol, didn't even know they were playing...turned it on just before Ott goal. Nice setup by Sheahan. Horrible play by Crosby too, loved it. Btw, When did Letang turn into such a Le-poontang? I see Malkin avoided suspension...
  14. We're only a couple years into Nyquist deal....bad deal. Ken Holland seems to lose on deals all the time now. He makes bad deals, we need someone who will make good deals, winning deals. Fair deals. I'm tired of hearing "team X offered player Y more money."
  15. In regards to Assistant coaching changes... In regards to Vanek... In regards to trading either Tatar or Nyquist... In regards to trading Mike Green... In regards to young guns... I quoted this CRL post from the other thread, figured it has a lot to do with the Deadline as well! Thanks for the info CRL!