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  1. Ahhh, memories. When my son's played at The Joe, I was behind the bench and worked the door right there where Houda was standing.
  2. Did I say Ott earning his keep yet? We didn't have anyone that stood up for our players last year like this.
  3. Was that Nyquist The Horse there? Where'd he get those wheels?
  4. Ott earning his keep, AA proving again he needs to stay in the lineup. ...and the Ott signing.
  5. Are we having a last season moment in the 2nd? Can't give this up. Call a TO Blashill.
  6. I said thus far...
  7. Just want to clear some much needed cap space. We can wait until the deadline though, if he continues, he may get us a 1st rounder!
  8. A couple of observations....can I retract my miss the playoffs prediction? Also, Sproul is staying. I think officially XO has become the young D that would be involved in any trade. Nyquist is making Tatar look like he may be the one traded if we deal a forward. Helm looks good again. I'll eat the Helm and Nyquist crow thus far, but as long as I can gloat about my immediate affection of the Vanek signing.
  9. Me thinks Carolina needs a goalie.
  10. Uh oh, Frk with the hatty, Nestrasil with 2. Lol! I kid....I hope! Wings win!
  11. Lest we forget, Holland traded Vernon after winning the Cup in 97 for what I think was a 3rd round pick. Winning doesn't guarantee you'll still be here. Oops, it was two 2nd round picks.
  12. I don't think it's a good idea to take Nyquist off that line. Sometimes it's not how good you're playing, it's how good your linemates make you play. Those three together have great chemistry. Not gonna say he wont do good with Nielsen, nor AA with Helm. They may keep up the production and that will be nothing but good for us. Also like that Sproul has been good. Nothing but positives the last 4. I give them 5 wins tonight.
  13. Strange...I see its not showing as a link, but I typed it in and it came up. Just type it in and I will continue to try to get the link to work. Sorry. Ok link works.
  14. Thanks to our friends at Capfriendly.com! https://www.capfriendly.com/expansion-draft
  15. I agree, there's no way to get all three players. I'm holding out for two, but in reality we may only get one....or none. I think it'll be Fowler.Winnipeg is just too unrealistic in their demands, but that's because they're in the driver's seat. If we can clear space somehow to fit Fowler in, I think he could be had for a pick. At most a young player and lower pick.