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  1. Lest we forget, Holland traded Vernon after winning the Cup in 97 for what I think was a 3rd round pick. Winning doesn't guarantee you'll still be here. Oops, it was two 2nd round picks.
  2. I don't think it's a good idea to take Nyquist off that line. Sometimes it's not how good you're playing, it's how good your linemates make you play. Those three together have great chemistry. Not gonna say he wont do good with Nielsen, nor AA with Helm. They may keep up the production and that will be nothing but good for us. Also like that Sproul has been good. Nothing but positives the last 4. I give them 5 wins tonight.
  3. Strange...I see its not showing as a link, but I typed it in and it came up. Just type it in and I will continue to try to get the link to work. Sorry. Ok link works.
  4. Thanks to our friends at Capfriendly.com! https://www.capfriendly.com/expansion-draft
  5. I agree, there's no way to get all three players. I'm holding out for two, but in reality we may only get one....or none. I think it'll be Fowler.Winnipeg is just too unrealistic in their demands, but that's because they're in the driver's seat. If we can clear space somehow to fit Fowler in, I think he could be had for a pick. At most a young player and lower pick.
  6. #TheWalkingDead....totally devastated.
  7. I don't think he was going to move DD for Trouba. That Dreger report said they asked for Larkin and that we didn't have anyone else they were interested in. Dreger then speculated that "you would think Dekeyser would get the deal done." IMO, the price will come down. It will have to if WPG wants a deal, but they are in the drivers seat and don't mind being pricks about it and making him sit for a year as a form of "punishment." I certainly hope the play of Howard has turned some eyes this way. 2 games is a small sample size, but if he keeps it up, Holland could be hearing some phones ring.
  8. It's a risk either way. If we get one of the targets, XO or Sproul will probably be included in a deal. Fortunately we can only lose 1 player. But until a trade happens, its all guessing. You're right though, Vegas would probably ****** Sproul up before a 32 year old. As of right now: Protect: Abby, Nyquist, Tatar, Mantha, AA, Nielsen. (Now which forward do you use the last one on, Helm or Sheahan?) DD, XO, Sproul Mrazek LOL, the curse word filter, filtered out the word used for a quick grab! Rhymes with catch.
  9. I agree with Green, but, if we do acquire both Trouba and Fowler, you may want to protect them along with DD. But if we get either, it'll most likely just be one. In that case, for example, if Green continued his pace, I protect Fowler, DD and Green. With the way Howard is playing, if not traded at tge deadline, he may be our one player to be selected.
  10. I meant one of Tatar or Nyquist in my proposal.
  11. Gilchrist is lazy and he sucks... Calling GilchristFOREVER, GillyFo are you there?
  12. Howie is upping his value thus far.
  13. Glenn, Michonne, Abraham or Maggie?
  14. I think Z should sit this back to back. Put AA in with Larkin. Larkin - AA - Abby Tatar - Nielsen - Sheahan Nyquist - Helm - Vanek Miller - Glenn (he's not dead!) - Ott
  15. Going to have to move amounts that most likely reflects the likes of Howard, Smith, Tatar/Nyquist, and I think XO would be the young D going back to WPG. Trade Howard for a 3rd to clear cap, trade that 3rd to Anaheim for Fowler, trade XO, Smith, Nyq/Tat and a pick for Trouba.