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  1. This team just isn't going anywhere with Blashill coaching and Holland calling the shots. They better be in communication with Spuddy before he gets another job.
  2. All time low? Only 2 pages.
  3. The good combo from a few years ago was Tatar-Sheahan-Jurco.
  4. ....and the bottom is falling out...
  5. Look at that, Vanek and Nielsen with more points! Woooohooooo!
  6. Let who skate all over us? Btw, Marchenko was activated as well as AA and Howard.
  7. AA

    A little of both. Nyquist got a reward contract and hasn't lived anywhere up to it yet. Ott earns his contract. Nyquist does not. Helm wasn't, Kronwall isn't and neither is Ericsson, Abby nor Howard. But the Red Wings are by far not the only team overpaying mediocrity.
  8. AA

    He sure plays keys minutes and situations. I for sure like Ott more than the guys you mentioned.
  9. AA

    Ott will always have a spot on the roster. He will b re-signed come July. He plays too may important roles in Blashill's plan.
  10. I just hope he gets a shot at it.
  11. Did he have drug problems?
  12. Smith is average and is taking up a roster spot. I certainly hope that he does not get re-signed, but after the last few off season's I have no reason to think he won't. Holland just keeps these guys on for too long. Not that they're horrible, but we have better replacements in the organization. I honestly think we would've have been fine without re-signing Helm or Miller...
  13. Just change the color and name them Blue Knights.
  14. AA

    Nosek has already been sent down to help clear cap space for Howard. I can see Bertuzzi going down for AA. But when Helm gets back, we will have another traffic jam. Sheahan stays in, I hope Miller gets waived before Mantha gets booted.
  15. No, but almost 100% positive, he wouldn't even consider trading either of them...