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  1. Ericsson needs to sit

    I do know one person here that's been calling for his head for years.
  2. 11/19 GDT - Avalanche at Red Wings - 6:00 PM EST

    Didn't even know there was a game on...seriously. This is how bad it's gotten. This team needs to gut $20M+ in bad contracts and players. I'm tired of watching them. Hopefully it's just a phase I'm going through.
  3. Rumors Thread

  4. Rumors Thread

    https://twitter.com/prohockeyrumors/status/931965484131602433 Toronto wants a stay at home D-Man
  5. 11/17 GDT Sabres @ Red Wings 7:30 PM EDT

    perplexed on the non goal reversal. Doesn't matter out of the blue paint, Jimmy was interfered with and could not push off to make an attempt at the save. Textbook goalie interference. Hmmmm NHL and its inconsistencies.
  6. The next captian: #39 Anthony Mantha!

    Just because you lead the team in goals, doesn't make it a strong case to be Captain. Dylan Larkin was drafted because of his leadership skills, I have no doubt in my mind that he will be the next Captain. Oh, and as long as Mantha isn't traded, he will not leave Detroit due to anything except maybe his personal want. He has at least 2 more contracts here before he becomes a UFA. By the time he reaches that status, he will be getting paid handsomely and be a star here. Doesn't mean as a UFA he won't want to go elsewhere (especially if we haven't become contenders by then) but I don't see management fooling around with this guy (or Larkin) when it comes to contracts. They are the real deal cornerstone of this franchise and should be here for 20 years or more!
  7. 2018-19

    Well if those were scrub players, then he fleeced the other teams. AA took $1.4M for a year to help the team stay cap compliant. That's the exact amount they had available before Sheahan was traded, so they didn't only trade him to sign AA. His reward will be the long term deal at least $3.5M. IMO it' going to cost $12M-$15M to re-sign him, Larkin, Mantha and Frk. Salary MUST be dumped.
  8. The MANtha watch.....

    There is only 5 reasons I try to watch: Larkin, Mantha, AA and Frk. When I see any of them in the bottom 6 it gives me my 5th reason, to dog the hell out of Blashill. IMO, those 4 should be 4 of our top 6 each and every night! The other two should be Z and which ever one of Nyquist/Tatar is playing worthy of top 6 minutes. Nyquist - Z - Mantha AA - Larkin - Frk period. No Abby, No Helm, No Glendening.
  9. Rumors Thread

    Dang, my Jimmy comments were victimized! Basically all I said was considering that Jimmy has control this season if he were to be traded, I would think he'd rather be traded now instead of after July 1st 2018 when he has ZERO control of where he goes. Choice: 10 teams you'd accept a trade to, or 30 teams of whom of which offers the best return? Contender or Arizona/Carolina? Not that Jimmy is on the market, but come deadline, if we are a bottom 5 team, I'd rather be traded with control rather than none.
  10. Wings players with no trade clauses

    I remember getting into a heated debate with someone over NTC/NMC. I argued this exact point that NTC's are traded almost every year. I forget who the user was, but they said that they rarely ever got dealt. We are seeing, I believe more and more, players with NTC/NMC waiving them to go to bigger and better places every year.
  11. 2018-19

    Does JT have any other ties to The Isle other than playing there? One can dream about getting that elite C we need, just like we dreamed about Stamkos. IT wasn't just us though, a lot of NHL Elite guys (McKenzie, et al) routinely said that if Stamkos does not re-sign in Tampa, the most likely spot(s) are Toronto, Buffalo or Detroit. SO that fueled our fantasy as well! It would've been different if it was just fanpages saying that, but the NHL world tends to take things that guys like McKenzie and LeBrun pretty seriously and pretty much as truth.
  12. Scott Wilson - Not Drew Miller

    I'm not too upset anymore with Abby's deal anymore, because we all know Holland is a "rewarding" GM and we pretty much just expect it, just like Helm's. Abby does bring some stuff that other do not, but I really hate him in the top 3. That is my biggest complaint about him, and really that is more on the coach, not Abby. But on subject, I too like WIlson. I believe we "won" that trade considering we got a pick back and a player. PLUS the cap space we saved! Sheahan was another one of those contracts that was given because of 1 season. Scott Wilson (if we decide to retain his services) will never cost anywhere near what Sheahan was costing us. I highly doubt Wilsn ever gets north of $1.25M, if that! This was a good trade for Holland. Not a blockbuster, but a trade that he did good on!
  13. The Numbers Game

    That was ironic then.