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  1. We can only lose 1 player. I assume Howard, Ericsson and Green will be the higher paid guys left unprotected. I hope Kronwall and Zetterberg get left unprotected as well, but I seriously doubt those two will be selected. Honestly, if Green has a career year, and we pick up one of Trouba or Fowler, I wouldn't mind seeing him protected along with DD and which ever one we acquire. Yes it leaves some young kids open, but again, we can only lose 1 player.
  2. Maybe Howard with less work is better for this team. But, I do believe he will not be here by this time next season. If not sooner. I've never been a huge fan, but can appreciate his effort last night. If he gets 15-20 games and 7-10 are performances like last night, I don't think we'll have any trouble moving him BEFORE the expansion draft. Of course let's hope post January Mrazek keeps clear of this team this season. That'll create a stickey wicket for sure!
  3. I like the organization of the GDT'S! +1,000,000 to whomever thought of it!
  4. Didn't. He said it on between periods last night.
  5. That was horrible
  6. Hmmmmm, seems like WPG may need some scoring help...
  7. Jimmy keeps playing like this we'll have him dealt by December.
  8. Oh.... I would like to see where that one started.
  9. Wait, Vanek? Lol... I think we found our today's Murphy acquisition. He's going to be the steal of July.
  10. I'll bite, I haven't heard this one. What are you hearing?
  11. So nice to hear Bob MacKenzie to say that Detroit is very interested in Trouba and that Holland was at the Ducks/Devils game watching Fowler. I got a feeling Fowler will be here before Trouba. Once Holland acquires him, the need for Trouba will lesson, so our desperation will be less. Yes, I'm still hoping for both!
  12. It'd be a tough call, but if Mantha and a young lefty D-Man would get us Trouba, then we have to do it. There is no room for Mantha with the current roster, hell there's no room for Jurco when he heals. I'd hate to lose Mantha, but at least it wouldn't be for free like when he runs out of exemptions and there is still no room for him.
  13. If Mantha keeps it up, it makes the like of Tatar and/or Nyquist more tradable. Those two hold value and are still young. They can fetch a nice return, if packaged correctly. They may not garner us Trouba, but maybe Fowler or Shattenkirk nearer the deadline.
  14. I sure would like to see Ott play tonight.