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  1. I could still go for Fowler. Maybe our first for him and their first? Meh....it's all gonna happen soon! Who knows what we'll do!
  2. If all the top centers are gone by #7 and Holland isn't really feeling Tippett, there's always the original plan to trade our 1st to Winnipeg for Trouba. They'd have 2 in the top 10 and we'd have Trouba. Maybe we could coax their 2nd out of them as well. Then maybe Hague will be there in the early 2nd. Wouldn't it be sweet if we traded #7 for Trouba and their 2nd and we were able to get Tippett and Hague in the early 2nd!?! I'd be in heaven! Smack! Wake up, you're dreaming!
  3. So, what will become of Steve Yzerman Drive? Will they re-designate a road near lca? Will they rename Yzerman drive something like Lonely Abandoned Street?
  4. But, Holland did take Mantha and Larkin which were both guys I wanted before the draft(s)
  5. Again, my dream draft in the first 2 rounds would be Tippett and Hague. I'd take Tippett with my first pick and if I had to trade up to get Hague, I'm in. Disclaimer: I am fully prepared to be greatly disappointed come draft day.
  6. And with tonight's loss, the fat lady has officially sung on the 25 year streak. The Wings opened The Joe with a loss, what are the odds they bookend the old barn with a loss in the final game? Sad...
  7. Yep, thought so. Ya never know about how the canes would target him... They should target their own player for cross checking him into the goalie. But teams never see it that way... ...and that sums up our goaltending for the season. Ugh....
  8. Oh Osgood, no....just no. Ben street to play in undisclosed player doesn't? Maybe AA out to protect from revenge? I see street in, who's out?
  9. I'd take Tippett at #7 honestly. Then try to trade an NHL player and a 3rd to get Hague. I honestly believe those two are game changers. But, it is just my opinion.
  10. I really liked the idea of dealing the #7 to St. LOUIS for the 18th and 31st. That plays right into my wish for Tippett and Hague.
  11. Maybe we'll still get a #10ish...
  12. with 74 points, if we win our last 7 games and no other team gets an 88th point, we're in!
  13. Props on the Redneck Mud Park. It really exists, it's in Florida.