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  1. No s*** we can't win every year. But we haven't won in what's going to be 8 years. Barely backed into the playoffs the last 3 years, missed them this year. Holland reeks of s***. Teams sure would expect happy with what we had....but it is HAD, not have. We've had nothing since 2013. If this team, come training camp, still has Nyquist, Ericsson, Howard, on it and Helm Brimfield played top 6, Kenny should be dealt with swiftly. He has f***ed the fans of this team far too long. Kenny it's over, you ******* suck. Should've just kept the players, all he is going to draft is a bunch of Nyquist playing mother f***ers...he'll blow the 1st as well in someone Italian league kid named Hok Ptew...
  2. Kenny would've gotten a 4th and an AHL player...
  3. He should throw Nyquist in the river then. I just want him gone, as soon as possible. He damn well better not be protected.
  4. Just because we're done calling, doesn't mean gm's won't call Holland. If this day ends without Nyquist being dealt, Holland failed his fans and should be thrown in the river.
  5. So, McIlrath is in the minors...ufa after the season...does he get called up, re-signed, protected? Someone is going to call in with a sweet offer near the deadline. Too many teams out there still need offensive help.
  6. The condition is, if the Panthers make the playoffs, the 3rd becomes the 3rd the acquired from Arizona. Which means it becomes a late 2nd basically. I still think Nyquist will be dealt today.
  7. I guess I'm ok with McIlrath though. I was hoping to be able to draft him when was drafted. For a moment I confused his name with the kid we traded to Florida for Bertuzzi.
  8. I thought you were ******* joking. Not happy...once again, Holland proves he's not good. What a ******* waste of a ******* day... Jesus!
  9. If it's only a 3rd, I would've just rather kept him...the good old Holland is back, he must've missed Oakland Hills.
  10. What the f***? A 3rd? Are you ******* kidding me?
  11. Freidman just said he's going to Florida...
  12. Damn, I wish we were also selling Nyquist, Sheahan and Ericsson...and Howard. Kinda hard to sell hurt guys though....
  13. How about Vanek for Petry?
  14. I'm holding on to Vanek for Fowler.
  15. I hoping for three more sales. Vanek, Sheahan, Nyquist.