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  1. We're only a couple years into Nyquist deal....bad deal. Ken Holland seems to lose on deals all the time now. He makes bad deals, we need someone who will make good deals, winning deals. Fair deals. I'm tired of hearing "team X offered player Y more money."
  2. In regards to Assistant coaching changes... In regards to Vanek... In regards to trading either Tatar or Nyquist... In regards to trading Mike Green... In regards to young guns... I quoted this CRL post from the other thread, figured it has a lot to do with the Deadline as well! Thanks for the info CRL!
  3. Trouba will be an RFA, not UFA. My choice has been well documented. You have to get Trouba if they're offering. We'll get another high pick next draft too. But, if they're calling us, we can ask for that 2nd rounder I want as well!
  4. I agree with both of you. I only wish we could acquire Trouba to complete you scenarios.
  5. Looks like the top half is heavy in the high paid guys, even though others are better....hmmmmmm...did you mention illuminati?
  6. A smidgen off subject, but still has to do with acquiring players. From finishing so low, It'll be nice next October to have almost first Crack at players being waived out of their training camps! Not that there are too many great pickups, but sometimes you get a diamond due to numbers...
  7. I'd hate to leave any of the three D kids exposed, but I think you guys are right because odds are vegas would select Nyquist or Tatar or Helm before they take XO, Sproul or Jensen.
  8. Ya, I remember the whole veto thing well when Fedorov was to possibly come back, but it was said someone vetoed it. I'm still saying it was Babcock. I use the example of how he ran him out of Anaheim. Also going back to watching him snub Fedorov a congrats and handshake at HOF introductions in Toronto, I'm pretty convinced it was him.
  9. Ok, we'll first off, it wasn't even my subject, I commented on someone's list of people responsible for our success, they listed bowman, Jimmy D, Mr i., Yzerman, Holland. My response was that fedorov and Lidstrom deserves just as much credit than Yzerman if they are listing players before Holland. You guys are acting like I brought up the subject that only certain people are responsible for our success. I agree that it's a group effort, hence the reason I argued the Conn Smythe award. I said it can only go to one player, but it doesn't mean that another player wasn't just as deserving. I used ozzie in 08 and Hasek in 02 as examples. But ya, not my subject, so if you guys want to get on someone about the whole who's responsible, go back to their original post and argue with them. My point was, if we're listing people in order and Yzerman is above Holland,then so should Feds and Lidstrom be, because they were both just as important as Yzerman to the Cup wins.
  10. Hello wall? Nevermind.
  11. You can only award the Conn Smythe to one player. Doesn't mean another playing wasn't just as important. 2008, Osgood was hands down the front runners for the trophy, until game 6 when Zetterberg put on a clinic, especially a 5 on 3 penalty kill for the ages. But game 6 by Z or not, they don't win the Cup without Osgood...or, and it makes me puke in my mouth, Franzen. As a matter of fact, in 02 Hasek should have won it over Lidstrom. He also should've gotten the Vezina.
  12. Trouba will be an RFA
  13. IF Trouba is out of the question, I am absolutely in for something like this. Liljegren has been somewhat underwhelming this season, according to reports, and was demoted to the second level league in Sweden.
  14. Right now we're sitting 3rd, can't fall lower than 6. Top 6 latest rankings are Patrick, Hischier, Vivaldi, Rasmussen, Nicas and Liljegren. All centers except Liljegren. Even at #3, I can assume who Holland would take...he loves his Swedish Defense.
  15. He was Western Canada Scout from 85-87, He was Amateur Director From 87-94, Asst. GM from 94 to 97... Players from the team he maybe, MAYBE had something to do with the scouting were: Pushor - Drafted 91 Osgood - Drafted 91 McCarty - Drafted 92 LaPointe - Drafted 91 Dandenault - Drafted 94 I give Haken the European guys, the rest were either signed as FA's, traded for or here in the 80's. MAYBE he was responsible for Kocur out of Saskatoon, but I'm not so sure Saskatchewan is Western Canada...at least geographically it's not, but he may have been a scout there. Barely ANY of them see above... and to your Conn Smythe question, I was simply putting Fedorov and Lidstrom above Holland, stating they were just as important than Yzerman. The post I was replying to had Holland behind Yzerman and no Feds or Lids at all.