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  1. Mine's cooler with an actual tweet, pretty colors, pictures and unicorns! Na na a boo boo! Just kidding! Didn't see it..... my bad...
  2. Oops! You are acknowledged!
  3. I've been all over McKenzie twitter, haven't seen anything about Holland turning down offers on Smith...but, we know teams try to rape Holland all the time so I wouldn't be surprised if they are offering 5th or 6th rounders. Which should be turned down. Anything less than a 3rd is a low ball offer...
  4. Just some info on Bishop and his NMC
  5. Posting on fan forums as an assumed name....like.....Toggers! I kid, I kid! It's a good question, he kind of just disappeared from everywhere!
  6. why does everyone want to dump AA? He's the best prospect forward we've had since...well, more prospects than you can imagine! He stays...
  7. AA for nobody...not Jones, not OEL, not Trouba, not Subban, not Weber. AA is your future #1C, he has the numbers, he has the speed, he has the brains, he even has the corsi (for you analytics guys.) I will leave this here as well: ...nuff said.
  8. For those of you saying you'd hate to see Smith go somewhere and excel like Schultz, would you rather AA get dealt somewhere and see him become a superstar? Larkin, AA, Mantha.....UN.TOUCH.ABLE If Holland deals any of them...ugh!
  9. This quote alone convinces me, NO trade for Trouba. If Holland trades this guy, he has lost his marbles...he won't even be allowed in the tire store to kick them anymore!
  10. Simple, if Holland opts to re-sign Smith over AA, he must die....figuratively.
  11. trading Smith and Tatar now does nothing to help the cap next season. Besides keep them off of it. Their salaries are not on next years cap, so we still only have $6.1Mish even if they're traded. Bottom line is, if Holland wants to re-sign Tatar, he must dump Nyquist, if he want to re-sign Smith, he must dump Ericsson somehow and LTIR Kronwall. If not, there is no reason to even think he will acquire a #1 defender. Holland f***ed this team up....anyone else still think Helm was a great deal? I said it when it happened, not that he was not worth it on the market, but to this team, the cap space and roster spot was worth more...Same with Glenny. Holland is going to f*** this team more and we are going to end up losing players off our NHL roster to inferior ones. IMO, XO and Jensen are higher priorities than Smth....but all three should be here over Ericsson.
  12. Of course NBC Sports screws up an article about hockey. He says Wings haven't been Sellers in about a quarter of a DECADE. Only 2.5yrs, eh?
  13. Very disappointed that they pulled the goalie with 2:33 left and couldn't get a shot on goal until .36 left. Larkin is not a bust, but he cannot be in the bottom 6. That's coaches fault.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised....Kyle Quincey comes to mind...way too much money for him, soon well have another $4M plus defender for multiple years.
  15. Well he's not excelling here. Just like eaves, he just needs to find the right fit. Here is not it...