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  1. it would be nice to see him back next year
  2. lets hope the Wings step it up without Schneider and get a good solid lead early and win easy, my heart cant handle another close game
  3. As long as Zetterberg is back 100 percent and this Lidstrom back injury is nothing then we should be fine without Kronwall
  4. Man, the Wings always seem to have a tough time with Columbus
  5. good job Wings, now lets see them do it again tomorrow night
  6. Can we please have no more injuries so we can just look forward to guys returning. We get Homer back and then we lose 2 guys, this sucks.
  7. good win for the Wings even though it was against LA, lets follow it up on Sunday against Boston
  8. Thanks for the info, why would they want to play Lilja though
  9. is Markov hurt or just getting the night off, or does anyone know yet?
  10. I didnt except much, the D man that moved really was Witt and I dont think that he is worth a first rounder. Whats does it matter if Cross can fight, fighting doesnt win playoff games.
  11. Doesnt seem to be many boxing fans around here since there have been no replys. I watched the fight and it was a good close fight and its too bad the eye got so bad because it would have been a close decision.