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  1. I was here in '02! Edit: just checked - '03
  2. For all the americans who don't know British slang, I'll laugh at this one.
  3. So, uh...speaking of Bernie and rally birds... http://time.com/4272885/bernie-sanders-bird-podium/
  4. gdt

    Can I be the first to call Larkin "The Magician's Assistant"? Because I'm thinking him and Pavel won't be apart really ever again.
  5. GDT

    Anybody else find these camouflage jerseys kind of ridiculous? Are they just being worn in warm-ups, or are they going to be worn in-game?
  6. GDT

    Can somebody upload the Larkin applause? I'm at a bar with no sound 😤
  7. I'll be at the game in San Diego on Saturday!
  8. signed

    I remember reading an article several years ago when Kopitar was asked if he could play with any NHLer not currently on his team, who would it be, and he answered Zetterberg.
  9. Was anybody else aware that Malkin was rumored to be being shopped? Would we even have what it takes to do that deal even if we're willing to trade Larkin/Mantha/1sts?
  10. injured

    What a tough bastard, playing with that through the Tampa series.
  11. Skinner apparently being shopped according to LeBrun. I know that we should probably be focusing on defense, but despite a disappointing last season and concussion problems, this kid still has a TON of upside. What would it take to get that deal done?
  12. You could easily argue that had Pavel stayed healthy all season, he would be closer to 100 points than 80. He was scoring at a clip pretty near that for, what, his first 20 or so games? Too lazy to look it up, but I distinctly recall a good stretch where I did the math on an 82 game season and it was more than 100 points. And then, once he was injured, he probably wasn't near 100% the rest of the season. Just sayin.
  13. Please can this be glendenings new nickname???!
  14. Speaking of Brent Gilchrist, when's the last time anybody on this forum has seen GilchristFOREVER, or Gillyfo, as he was colloquially known?