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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to Neomaxizoomdweebie in Henrik Zetterberg has Retired   
    Still waiting for all the people in the know who were talking about Z being done to come out and say that Larkin got paid more because of it. Oh wait, they haven't. Cuz it didn't happen.
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to Buppy in OHL Racism   
    Stop supporting racism. Whitewashed Charlie. Pygmy slavery. Glorification of white privilege. Not to mention Dahl's anti-semetism and body-shaming. SMH
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to Swedish_Mafia in OHL Racism   
    Lurker here usually, but had to join to respond to some of the posts that I think are really off-base in this thread. 
    He received racial slurs from the crowd and death threats and had to have a police escort. Fans verified seeing a player on the other team making "monkey" gestures toward him. And they talk about him experiencing similar incidents throughout the year.
    You can read this from Gemel Smith (written last year) about him and his brother being frequent targets for racist comments while in the OHL.
    Really disappointing to see the reaction is to doubt the victim before anything else - and with no basis for doing so. You should know that racism is a problem within the hockey community since there's plenty examples we've seen to glimpse that in the resent past. For another incident involving the Greyhounds - John Vanbiesbrouck stepped down as GM after calling Trevor Daley, then his own team's captain, a N-----
    Other public incidents: 
    - whether it's the banana thrown at Wayne Simmons in London, On.
    - During the lockout, Czech fans also chanted "monkey" at Wayne Simmonds
    - Kevin Weekes also had a banana thrown at him.
    - Sean Avery supposedly yelling a racist epithet at George Laraque
    - Blackhawks fans banned for life for heckling Devante Smith-Pelly with racial slurs 
    - If you only believe video, you can search and find Subban having the N word (bleeped) thrown at him an being told to go back to Africa by a Bruins fan. Also, there was that twitter-hate storm against him that was much publicized during that series.
    -  Krys Barch suspended for making a racist comment at Subban
    - Maybe you'll trust Joel Ward's mom when she said he grew up with that after an incident where he was flooded with online hate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puiLRJWn1jo
    - Such Twitter hate storms and death threats were also aimed at J.T Brown when he kneeled for the national anthem.
    There's enough of these public incidents to glimpse what most black NHLers surely go through it at some point. I'm mean, there are only about 30 black NHL players in the league and of incidents I listed 7 involve current NHL players - so that's about a quarter of black NHLers involved publicized incidents of racism and I'm sure there's more if you want to search - not to mention which doesn't get picked up on camera or audio or not reported - in juniors especially it is reported as a bigger problem. All examples that should lead one to give Smith's claim credence.
    And, yes, sure some people might make false claims, but against the Everest sized problem of racism, it's a molehill. And where's the examples of that would lead you to think that likely? Has an OHL or NHL player ever done that?
    And why would he do that? He was suspended for the game. It's wasn't a lessened punishment.
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to Mckinley25 in OHL Racism   
    It doesn’t make sense.  It is easy not to be racist, victim blaming is a poor attempt at deflecting.  If people stopped being racist, racism would end.  It’s simple, any confusion that follows only follows the primary cause.  Obfuscation doesn’t serve moral action, it only hinders that envoy.   Contemptuous mention of social justice warriors just adds another layer of transparency to an already indigestible position.
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to Jonas Mahonas in Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread   
    We need more left handed guys.  This is good news.
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to amato in Tatar traded to Golden Knights for 2018 1st, 2019 2nd & 2021 3rd   
    Struck by the #90 curse.  
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to Neomaxizoomdweebie in Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread   
    Good prospect news:
    Givani Smith has 18 points in 18 playoff games.
    Larsson named USHL goalie of the year.
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to Son of a Wing in My Fantasy   
    Yeah, it doesn't work like that...
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to marcaractac in My Fantasy   
    My response is just fine the way it is, thank you very much.
    Also, is the sky blue in your world? Just curious. 
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to marcaractac in My Fantasy   
    Can I have some of what you're on?
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to Son of a Wing in My Fantasy   
    Yeah but that's not even possible.  A team can only retain the salaries of 3 players at a time.
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to Dabura in Bootland - Game #900   
    Cool story, bro.
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to kickazz in Olympic Hockey just got more interesting - Russia Banned   
    I didn't know that Bonds and McGwire represented the entire United States olympic team. Dumb comment GMR, I'm disappointed. Soviets were notorious for doping since the 80s. Widely known. But back then there weren't really any anti-doping laws as stringent as today. But what makes this hilarious is that they decided to pull it off again in the 21st century and failed miserably. Because they're idiots. I think 49 some medals were stripped because of last olympics. 49??? And by the numbers half the Russian athletes were doping in the 2016 olympics. Wtf?? Lol. At least try to be subtle about it.  Every country (including the U.S) has doping issues with athletes, but the wide scale that the Soviets/Russians did it in was laughably stupid. And what's hilarious is they're actually playing victim and whining about it. Well unless the IOC appeals the decision, Putin and his boys have a lot of time now to think it over and compete like real men with the rest of the countries. 
    I linked it. Turns out there's more stuff going on in the world than Trump's toupee problems. Of course dumb Americans that live in a box (most of the people) don't know that.  
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    Legendary D In 03 got a reaction from NerveDamage in Pistons could play in LCA   
    I was here in '02!
    Edit: just checked - '03
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to DickieDunn in Frk claimed by the Carolina Hurricanes   
    It was to keep Helm from playing on the 4th line where he belongs, not to keep Miller and Ott.  It was also because he's unlikely to be an NHL player for very long.
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to vladdy16 in GDT Sign-Up Sheet   
    I have it! This year's contest will be who can best incorporate LGW-specific memes into a GDT. There must be a minimum of 3 LGW-specific memes in each thread or if the thread is dedicated to one meme, it has to be really over the top. 
    Photoshop ability is not required in any way for the creation of GDTs. I'm looking more at creativity. And the older the meme, the better, but it has to be either created on LGW or so well known here that it could have been.
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    Legendary D In 03 got a reaction from Andy Pred 48 in Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread   
    For all the americans who don't know British slang, I'll laugh at this one.

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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to vladdy16 in That lazy Mantha....   
    Hmmmm, I came in here for a reason. What was it? Oh, yeah. Anthony Mantha.
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to Echolalia in Patrick Kane's point streak reaches 25 games   
    He sure knows a thing or two about scoring on people who try to deny him
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to Bill Berzeench in Patrick Kane's point streak reaches 25 games   
    He's a great guy both on and on the ice.
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to NerveDamage in When does Larkin get the C?   
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to Echolalia in When does Larkin get the C?   
    I think Larkin needs to show more discipline in the stupid penalty department before we start considering stripping our team's leading scorer of the captaincy to give it to this kid.
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to kipwinger in Abby Signs 7-year, 29.75 mil Extension   
    You know what Ken Holland was doing during the fabled class of 1989 draft? Scouting and drafting them. He was the Director of Amateur Scouting. You know what those other guys where doing for the Wings organization in 1989? Nothing. They didn't work here yet.
    If you're going to attribute his success to that class, fine. Give him credit for scouting and drafting them since, ya know, he did that. He's literally the only person you mentioned who had anything at all to do with getting those guys into Red Wings sweaters.
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to chicagooverrated in Hemsky still not suspended?   
    So in other news water is wet, grass is green and the sky is blue
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    Legendary D In 03 reacted to rick zombo in Mike Green out 2-3 weeks   
    I know that "technically" that's a clean hit, but I'm with Mickey Redmond in saying that I hate that hit. It's hard for a defenseman to make that play and see the guy coming. And the only way a forwatd makes that kind of hit is if he's trying to hurt someone.