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  1. I hear the Preds got a hold of some bad chicken noodle soup, food poisoning from what I read
  2. Win face offs, don't take stupid penalties, no turnovers, and defense shows up, then we will have a chance
  3. Larkin back at Wing, hope we can get going. Thinking center was a bit too much for him
  4. Aren't the Wings carrying 3 goalies currently? And it has been in speculation for a long time that with the expansion draft we will lose some players with heavier contracts? Howard has all the tools, like others have said mentally, he can be his own worst enemy. And let's be honest, the team has let the goalies hang out to dry many times over the last few years and of course the goalies themselves have had bad games which we should have won This is what brings me back for more, the excitement and love for the game
  5. Wings were up 3-0 in the game against Tampa and we lost, not sure if mixing up the lines is/was the issue as the Wings as patterns with being inconcistent have been the same
  6. Frans and Vanek is what this team needed, now we need D I am neutral on Mantha, to me yes his game needs to develop more, but that is why is an enigma to me Wings need a few defenseman, this is known... Do we overpay? A trade will happen, just when and who will be involved is the question. We have too many forwards - even after losing Frk and Pulks for nothing
  7. Will the wings clear out the cupboard for a potential top d? Yeah, we need 2 defenseman, not just one. Mantha has been an enigma, lets be honest.
  8. The 3rd period was a little better than the first 2 Tatar, Nyquist, Larkin, and Z are baffling to me Turnovers, penalties, the defense, positioning, and losing face offs are hand cuffing this team
  9. Howard is from up state New York, his stats against the Rangers are pretty good from what I remember. Howard has something to prove to everyone and himself. He won the game last night with some help from Vanek/Nielson Glendenning/Miller Wings as a whole did not help out their cause again, 3 games now they have pretty much handed the game to the other team. Difference is the wings ended up winning last night, Petr played just as well in those games as Howard and we lost This was one game, not 10-15 in row. Yes LA and the Yotes may need a goalie, but doubt they will looking at Howard as an option this early on in the season
  10. Rangers deserved to win, Howard stole this one and one of the few Wings who showed up tonight Too many bad passes, turn overs, and penalties. They played sloppy
  11. Too many men on the; ooops I did it again - bad Brittney Spears comment
  12. Can't be up 3-0 and then play from behind. Give-a-ways, penalties, and sub par defense is why we lost
  13. Cannot protect everyone, the fact that when we waive such players with potential and they are picked up says a lot I am thinking no team would trade for these players due to possibly losing out on their own potential prospects AA and Mantha have more upside and potential than Pulks or Frk, but Frk baffles me that he wasn't protected All I know there needs to be a change on the back end and if we loose a handful of good players upfront for the backend to be upgraded, so be it Kenny is walking a very fine line and should be on a very short leash Think everyone hear is frustrated when we lose someone for nothing and the current state of the team, it is a transition as fans have been spoiled for so long, change in a tough way is not always easy to swallow I cannot fathom what it feels like to a native of Toronto and watching the Leafs every year
  14. We need defense
  15. First I heard of a Russian defecting back into Russia Tongue and cheek Good luck Pav you will be missed and heart goes out to you