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  1. erok

  2. Detroit/Chicago Unveil Winter Classic Sweaters

    Here is a vid clip of the jerseys as shown on FSN-Detroit.
  3. Cheli in for game 6?

    I agree!! Go Wings!
  4. I am suprised no one has posted this rumor yet. According to Hockeybuzz, Melrose is close to coaching again. If so, where could he end up? I hear Toronto is looking for a coach. What do you think about this? A source this morning has informed me that Barry Melrose would indeed be returning to coach an NHL team this fall. "It is almost 100% in place I was told." The team Melrose will return to coach? We will know that for certain very soon as well. I asked a trusted source who was VERY familiar with Melrose's coaching style how he would describe Barry... "He's a VERY good motivational coach, not to unlike Lindy Ruff. He gets the most out of his players. During his Cup run with LA, Barry was very into Tony Robbins, motivational speaking, etc. If you are a hard working player, you are one of Barry's guys." source:
  5. Will You Be Surprised If We Lose?

    (Double Post - sorry) Go Wings!
  6. Will You Be Surprised If We Lose?

    I agree with most of you in that anyone can win a playoff series. As I sat there last night watching the game, I felt it was a game 7 or something and I was going nuts - near tears. Afterwards, I was asked if it was over for the Wings - then I realized that is was only game 4. The series is tied 2-2 and we are heading back to Detroit. Yeah..! I think Nashvill could upset us but I dont think it is going to happen at home (JLA). We need these two wins - bigtime! E
  7. Avery's Screen

    Apparently I am the only one (besides the TSN folks) who does not like this. I admit it is creative but I too think it is a little too much. I suppose he could also take off his jersey and hold it up in front of him too to block his vision. Better yet, squirt him in the eyes with his own water bottle. I know I am exagerating but there are many other 'legal' things that can be done to distract the goalie and I think this is unsportsmanlike conduct. My question was: where were the defenders? I understand it was a 5-3 PP (right?)... try that 5on 5 and he would be been laid out quick. Lets just hope this doesnt in our amateur leagues.. just play real hockey!
  8. Avery breaks off contract talks with Rangers

    I would agree that we could use him on the ice THIS YEAR, but that isnt going to happen... Next year, I dont think he would work out off the ice withour guys.
  9. Avery breaks off contract talks with Rangers

    Why did we let him go the first time?? I thought it was because he was alittle to hot to handle (as a team member) and didnt fit well with our mature, experienced roster.
  10. 500,000?

    After viewing the main page, I see that a special thing is about to happen here. It looks like we are going to hit a half-million posts on the boards. I am not sure how long I have been a member here but this place sure had grown - for the better. 4005 Total Members Topics ›10999 Replies ›488558 Total ›499557 Congrats and Thanks to Matt and everyone for keeping this site the best DRW site on the web!
  11. Sick of all the NHL commercials this year

    haha laughs.... I had no idea!
  12. nhl on versus for 3 more years

    Have you seen the channel or do you just hate it because you cant have it?? I guess I dont understand why everybody hates VS so much... do they not show enough wrestling or poker?
  13. nhl on versus for 3 more years

    Why is everyone (not necessarily here) always down on versus broadcasting the NHL? I think the games are in great quality and I always watch - even with NHL CI. I guess some of the analysts could be annoying but I dont rely on them for my game analysis. Also, I remember when ESPN would show games and it always seemed conflicting (to ESPN) because hockey was not a sport they embraced. If only ESPN was more like TSN... What other network would be better for the fans and the sport? Realistically I mean.... Thanks erok
  14. 1/19 GDT: Red Wings 6, Sharks 3

    Thorton is still playing? I thought he retired or something...
  15. 1/19 GDT: Red Wings 6, Sharks 3

    Nelson of course...