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  1. Clownski? Grow up Frank. Name calling and putting down an 18 year old kid for what? Cause you want to throw a hissy fit. Boohoo we didn't choose who you want. Get over it.
  2. We should be one of the fastest teams in the league but it starts with the transition from the defence to the offense. We need a big improvement in our defensive group. Period.
  3. Finally! That offseason seemed way too long. LGW!
  4. Son of a Wing

  5. Well deserved
  6. It probably wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't the same people with the same absurd predictions/complaints. Every single year... I used to try and actually engage in conversation with them but found that a complete waste of time. I really do commend yourself and Krsmith and PVD and so many others for challenging them and saying what so many of us are thinking so much of the time. You guys have tremendous patience. Also...just because someone disagrees with an extreme view (pessimist/realist) doesn't make them the opposite (fanboy/apologist). This isn't a world of extremes. Well then again... maybe some of you are much more used to that in the U.S. I disagree with many of Holland's decision's and even some of the core beliefs of the franchise. Regardless I CANNOT wait for this season to start. Really excited. So many opportunities for new guys and unanswered questions with this team and roster. I think we can be one of the fastest teams in the league and really surprise some people.
  7. You can hate all you want. I'm quite happy to have those players for the foreseeable future. Can't wait till the season starts so the doom and gloomers can stop making up things to moan about. We're already talking about a cap crunch when Larkins contract is up? Christ...
  8. Him and Lindholm are both blue chip potential #1 defenceman. I can't imagine Buffalo would ever trade a player of that caliber to a division rival.
  9. Nope. lol and they've said time and time again they won't trade Nurse. But hey if Frank can think of it, that's just as good right?
  10. I don't think anyone would argue that Lindholm isn't the most valuable of the bunch. That's why no one seems to think he's going anywhere. It'd be crazy for Anaheim to trade him. Only way that happens is if a true blue chipper is going back. And we don't have that to trade as Larkin isn't going anywhere.
  11. This isn't the Make-A-Wish foundation.
  12. I'm curious what you think the "wrath of Mr. I at the end of the season" includes...
  13. Ridiculous expectations Frank? Like you put on numerous prospects who aren't property of the Red Wings? lol
  14. Predicable is boring. I am more excited for this season than any in a few years. I am really intrigued to see what kind of players we have developing and whether they can take that next step. Can Vanek contribute? How good is Neilson going to be? How good can Mrazek be? Can't wait for this season....
  15. Every off season takes years off Frank and Lefty's lives lol You guys need to relax and quit talking extremes with absolutely everything. Winnipeg knows Detroit is desperate? Well Holland also knows Winnipeg has an asset that won't sign. It works both ways. If Trouba is going to get traded for, there will be a sizable contract going the other way. The salary cap does exist and we are at the limit. This whole idea of Trouba for Mantha, XO and picks makes ZERO sense. You don't have to be an "excel nerd" to figure that one out. And no you can't just throw Helm in...