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  1. Sounds like Nestrasil is done with Carolina. Link Or shall we say, Carolina is done with Nestrasil.
  2. "A hockey birdie whispers that Valtteri Filppula turned down a trade to Toronto, and accepted one to Philadelphia, because he didn’t want to play for Mike Babcock again. Six years of the relentless Babcock is apparently too much for some players" Thought that was interesting. From The Toronto Star.
  3. Definitely not taking the bait. Your trolling attempts are getting weak. You know it's bad when even the people who hate Holland don't agree.
  4. Great and if you want to have that discussion, take it somewhere else. We don't need yet another thread analyzing Holland's career.
  5. Well considering all those teams have star players in their prime, I'd say they are far more disappointing.
  6. No I'm just confused why you're using this thread to critique Holland's career. It's a trade deadline thread and you're bringing up the last 5 years playoffs.
  7. No that speaks volumes about your attitude towards him. He's never been in a selling position, so there's no reason to think that.
  8. Be mad at Holland all you want for the Vanek trade. There clearly wasn't a market for him. It's not like there was another deal that made it look bad. Numerous rentals didn't even get dealt. Those teams get nothing. At least we got something.
  9. Vrbata didn't even get traded. That should provide some insight for why Vanek went for what he did.
  10. Awesome. Fair deal for both sides.
  11. Oh the irony of that statement
  12. Who said that exactly? We're acknowledging when he does something good. Just like we acknowledge when he does something bad. It's not complicated.
  13. Who exactly are you referring to? TSN and SN reported the story but didn't say anything about being surprised he rejected it or that he should have accepted it.
  14. I don't buy into the belief that playing on a bad team automatically translates to having a negative affect on a players season. It's a case by case basis. Some players get to play on higher lines and on power plays when they wouldn't on other successful teams, while others might suffer because they would play on top lines regardless and get hindered by playing with not as good players. If Stone played on a better team he would probably get less playing time and little PP time as he's never established himself as a top line guy. Thus his numbers would probably be pretty similar to Smith's. But who knows as this is all just conjecture and I'd be lying if I said I really knew Stone well as I've only really seen him play a handful of times. We're all just looking at stat sheets and guessing.
  15. The total collapse of the Coyotes hockey team happened this season? They've been bottom of the league for quite a few years now. Stone is not on pace to hit 20 points. He has 9 points in 45 games and also gets more PP time. They're both highly inconsistent players who have struggled to grab a prominent roles on their teams. When considering the serious injury Stone is coming back from, their value is not far off from each other.