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  2. Albeh

    Red Wings All-Bust Roster

    how can this list be complete without uwe Krupp?
  3. Albeh

    Who do you have as the top 5 Wings of all time..

    1. Howe 2. Lidstrom 3. Sawchuck 4. Yzerman 5. Fedorov
  4. Albeh

    Darren Helm re-signed: 5 years, $3.85m AAV

    Well, they traded datsyuk's mediocre point totals for nielson - who should be similar, and do ok on faceoffs. I had hoped they would pick up SOMEONE dynamic on the front end. I like Helm, and think he's a good player, but we know what we're gonna get with him, which isn't another 20 goals in the mix, OR someone who can carry the effing puck through the neutral zone and help out nyquist and tatar, who I thought suffered last year from just being too small and blocked out by the other team's D. I guess they're banking on Atha and Mantha coming up Huge, Larkin not having any sophomore slump, Zetterberg somehow staying even despite age and mileage (no neg on Z, just that's life). ATM, and with the sense that this is kinda fluid (change your players to suit your own self) I see our lineup being something like this (no sense btw of who is on what wing, or anything like that, just people in rough configuration)):: 1. Larkin Zetterberg Abdelkader (A good proven line) 2 Athanaseiu (sp) Nielsen and Tatar/Nyquist (Questions on Chemistry) 3. Mantha Sheehan Nyquist/Tatar (Questions on Chemistry) 4. Helm Glendening Miller (Great Checking / Penalty Killing) 6 D: Green, Dekeyser, Smith, Kronwall, Erikson, Marchenko Sproul, Oulette Jenson to fight for last spot. 2 G Howard, Mrazek Cap Friendly says we are at 65.5 mil with 7.49 mil space but that doesn't include removing the salaries of Franzen 3.95 and Vitale 1.05 so it seems roughly to me we are at 12.49 mil space, which I know Holland doesn't want to get right up to the edge with. A chunk of that has to fix up Dekeyser and Mrazek but we also have salaries listed in the cap like a guy named Lorito (no clue who he is), so it seems to me we coulda prolly made another 5.5 mil splash or gotten us someone who'll deliver a bit more punch on the offensive side. Oh well, Maybe a trade's yet in the offing, or we'll pull a rabbit out of our red wing rear ends. News at 11. As for resigning Miller, look at our PK with him in the lineup vs not. He's worth his million far more, I think, than helm is worth his 4.
  5. Albeh

    Line Musings

    OK with Abdelkader back in the fold I've been thinking about lines. Last year one of the problems faced by Zetterberg (while not playing with Dats) was that as the only guy on his line who carried the puck through center ice easily, it was possible to shut his line down by (essentially) sitting on him. When they moved Cleary or Filppula up with him things got a lot easier. So, with the idea of keeping 2 'puck carriers' available on each line, here's a thought for discussion: Offense Holmstrom Datsyuk Zetterberg Hudler Filppula Franzen Bertuzzi Modano Cleary Abdelkader Helm Eaves Subs: Miller, Ritola Defense Lidstrom Rafalski Kronwall Stewart Salei Ericsson Subs: Kindl Finishing the thought, unless Meech somehow turns into the second coming I don't see how he can stay (500K in return of cap) and though he's a fan favorite and it'd be a sentimental hit, Draper doesn't justify 1.5 million cap hit he will cost the wings this year given the rest of their talent). Losing those two puts us well under the cap with room to maneuver later if Ken Holland wishes to, and leaves us with as much youth / development as we can keep for future teams.
  6. Albeh

    Your favorite ALL TIME player on each team

    Bruins - Cam Neely (Stan Jonathon takes close second) Sabres - Gilbert Perrault Canadiens - Lafleur/Shutt/Lemaire (great line) Senators - Daniel Alfredsson Leafs - Borje Salming Devils - Brendan Shannahan (he started there) Isles - Billy Smith (Crazy Goalie No. 1) Rangers - Adam Graves Flyers - Dave Schultz (who is more quintessentially 'Flyers'?) Penguins - Thrashers - Slava Kozlov Hurricanes - Primeau (usually gets a bad rap in Det, but a good leader) Panthers - Florida has a team? Lightning - Lecavalier Capitals - Rod Langway or Dave Christian Flames - Lanny MacDonald Avalanche - Sakic (Classy player stuck on a classless team) Oilers - Mark Messier Wild - Don't think I know a single player on this team. Canucks - Harold Snepsts (Gotta like Coach Roger Neilson and the white towel, too) Blackhawks - Steve Larmer or Chris Chelios Blue Jackets - Nash (there's nobody else) Red Wings - Nick or Stevie Y, but a sentimental nod has to go to Vladdie. Predators - Barry Trotz (he's the only constant on the team and he's done wonders with zippo) Blues - Adam Oates Ducks - "The Flying Wing" Stars - Mike Modano Kings - Marcel Dionne Coyotes - Shaon Doane Sharks - Igor Larionov
  7. Albeh

    Malkin's penalty rescinded (merged)

    Ditto. If the wings go on to win (even sweep?) it'd be far more satisfying to do it with us shorthanded (no Datsyuk) and them at full power. Makes quite a bit more impressive statement.
  8. Albeh

    Wings agree to 1-year deal with Chelios

    I don't figure Lilja is going to go anywhere. Meech / Quincey / Lebda? are possibilities. Several forwards might be expendable too, depending on the situation. Much as he's streaky, I'd hate to lose Samuelsson (sp) but at 1.2 mil, we have quite a few guys that could fill that role for cheaper and may have longer-term upside. Whatever is done I am sure Holland will make the best of it he can. These are good problems to have.
  9. Albeh

    Greatest Lines in Hockey History

    No iteration of the Production Line? (Howe, Abel and Lindsey). No Lafleur, Shutt & Lemaire? No Gretzky, Kurri, Anderson? LKM line was pretty special. I wouldn't spit at any of the above lines, either.
  10. Albeh

    Leafs to move McCabe, one way or another

    Send him to the minors? If he's not on an NHL roster I think he makes NHL money still but it doesnt count against the team's cap. I'm not certain about this, but it would free up cap space at the expense of direct cash-out-the-door for the leafs.
  11. Albeh

    Penguins fan here

    So were Lindros and the Legion of Doom. Until they met Nicky.
  12. Albeh

    Hello from Dallas

    Good to have you here. I second your thoughts I think: I hope it is a great series with lots of good hockey and no real injuries. And, I hope the wings win 4 games. (I don't mind if it's 4-0 or 4-3, just so long as the winged wheel has the 4 :-) ) I've been hoping for this series for a while because I think with the Dallas defense's ability to move the puck they are the team that most closely mirrors the Wings in quality and style. Both teams can be gritty, but both also play good high-flow hockey rather than dump and tackle.
  13. Albeh

    Congratulations Folks

    Too bad about the injuries. I hope Sakic doesn't retire: he's a class act.
  14. Albeh

    Poll in Rocky Mountain News...

    I know it has nothing to do with hockey and all, but in World War I the Italians fought the whole war on the side of the allies and against (primarily Austria-Hungary of) the Central Powers. It was WW II that saw their country switch sides after Sicily fell and Mussolini was imprisoned. Notwithstanding that, the Denver fans have been very fotrunate to have had such a successful team over the (short) time the Nordiques have been in Colorado. It seems to me that the 'die hard' strain of fans probably surfaces after a decade or so of futility. Give them another decade... :-)