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  1. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    Detroit Fans, Don't be fooled by a poster like "Sid the Kid". He's comes from Pittsburgh, the armpit of the universe. Cindy Crosby is universally hated by fans in the Eastern Conference and especially in the Atlantic Division. He's Bettmans buttboy and all the bad thngs said about him are absolutely true. We know. We have to watch this gutless little puke 4 games a year. WingsfansinPensCo - "He's a diving, whining, cheapshotting *****. Those aren't qualities that attracted me to the NHL, and probably not many others. So expect people to hate Crosby's being the face of the league. " Here's my game plan for next season. I'm going to sell my seats in the Garden for every Ranges's home game with the Pens. I want to make as much money off Crosby's back as possible. Some sucker Pens fan or tourist can overpay for them. Even though the Rangers lost to them in seven, I respect Ovechkin and the Caps. The Rangers had no business almost beating them. At least AO's not a phony. He plays hard and dishes and takes hits like a man. He's not a whining diver like Cindy. Hey "Sid the Kid", your little pet Cindy will be booed every time he touches the puck in The Garden, Nassau, New Jersey, Philly and Washington, the same way the "fans" in Pittsbrgh booed Jagr. Jagr won two Cups for you a$$holes and all you could do is boo him every time he came in to your buliding. Cindy is a marked boy. He has a target on his back. Let him enjoy his one Cup. It's the last one the Poster Boy will ever see.
  2. 2008 SCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 3, Penguins 2

    Gob Bless the Red Wings!
  3. 2008 SCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 3, Penguins 2

    Jobbed! How much more BS do these officials expect us to swallow!
  4. 2008 SCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 3, Penguins 2

    Hey look on the bright side, you don't have to listen to the constant fellating of the Penguins by Doc and Eddie.
  5. 2008 SCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 3, Penguins 2

    I hate to say this but the Wings are going to get jobbed because the NHL as predestined the Crosby and Penguins for the Stanley Cup. Case in point the bogus call on Datsyuk and the 5 on 3. The NHL makes me sick when I see this kind of sh*t going on.
  6. Shanahan

    Brendan hasn't been the same player since his collision with Knuble and subsequent concussion in February 2007. He has slowed down and he doesn't take the body the way he used to. He was on the better powerplay unit this season for the Rangers and considering the Rangers had no powerplay, that's saying a lot. Brendan also seemed to lose his shot at the end of this season Brendan Shanahan was the smartest player on ice most nights at Madison Square for the two seasons he was with NYR. He was great on the PK and was always defensively responsible with the puck. He provided leadership and was, in fact, the defacto Captain. Jagr as captain was a waste of space. I revere Brendan Shanahan. He is my favorite player of all time. I was overjoyed when he came to the Rangers. I don't want Brendan to taint his legacy. He should retire, become Commisioner, and kick that stupid little jerk Bettman in the ass and out the door on to 6th Ave. PS I want Jagr gone and to take Straka, Roszival and Malik with him. Let him go to Russia and the Rangers can get on with their rebuild. So we may not make the playoffs next year. It will be worth it not to have to watch their soft , Eurostyle, overpassing style of play anymore.
  7. SCF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 3, Penguins 0

    Gary Bettman and the NHL are damned lucky to have the Detroit Red Wings, individually and collectively, showing the sports world how well the great game of hockey can and should be played. No diving, no whining, no cheap crap, just inspired hockey. Maybe next season Cindy and the Penguins won't catch all the breaks that have got them to the finals. Gary Bettman's Poster Boy and the "chosen" team are letting their Commisioner down. As usual, Gary and the morons on Versus are pimping the wrong team. Maybe the ass whopping the Penguins are being handed by the Red Wings will mean the end of the Crosby Worship. P. S. I want Cheli to tear Roberts head off before the Wings polish off these punks.
  8. SCF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 4, Penguins 0

    Time for Red Wing fans to break out their snorkels and masks because based on this interview, it sounds like Cindy is going to start diving big time. If he and Malkin can't carry it in, they'll start flopping like flounder. The fans at Madison Square Garden embarrassed Cindy and the league by exposing Crosby's diving. Bettman and Campbell hate the Rangers and their fans so we did everything possible to expose Crosby. In the series against Philadelphia, the diving stopped because the headlights were turned up on Cindy. If a Ranger had checked Crosby the way he got leveled last night, that Ranger would have gotten a game misconduct. The key to beating the Penguins is to hammer the crap out of Cindy, Jeannie amd Marian (their girls). Crosby, Malkin and Hossa are as soft as a baby's bottom. Laraque, Gill, Scuderi and Orpik can't initmidate your guys. They are out of their depth. Watch for the cheap shots to come against your skill players as the frustration of the Penguins rachets up. The Red Wings shouldn't take their feet off the Penguin's necks.
  9. SCF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 4, Penguins 0

    Will there be a compilation video of the hits by the Wings on Crosby. I hope so! Endless hours of entertainment watching Cindy getting knocked on his ass.
  10. SCF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 4, Penguins 0

    I'm a Ranger fan. No fans hate Bettman and Campbell more then we do. If they were being assaulted on the street in Manhattan, no selfrespecting Ranger fan would raise a finger to help them. That said, if the refs are going to decide this game and the Wings are slated to lose, I'd make sure several Ice Chickens left in body bags.
  11. SCF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 4, Penguins 0

    The crowd at the Joe is to be congratulated. If that call were made in Montreal in SCF game one, the ice would be littered with debris. This league and it's officials are a joke. I hope the Wings pound the living s***e out of the Ice Chickens and Mary Crosby.
  12. Datsyuk scoring goals

    As a Ranger fan, I must say it must be amazing to watch Datsyuk 41 games a year. He is a better goal scorer then Bure. Simply lethal. Even when Jagr is on his game, he can't hold a candle to Pavel. Unfortunately, Jagr doesn't come to play every game. Thank you Red Wings for an entertaining game. To bad Montreal didn't make more of a game of it for you..
  13. Raise for Avery, Rangers have accepted.

    FYI AVERY, SEAN 1,900,000 BETTS, BLAIR 615,000 CALLAHAN, RYAN 575,000 DRURY, CHRIS 7,050,000 DUBINSKY, BRANDON 633,333 GIRARDI, DANIEL 750,000 GOMEZ, SCOTT 7,357,143 HOLLWEG, RYAN 512,500 HOSSA, MARCEL 780,000 HUTCHINSON, ANDREW 475,000 JAGR, JAROMIR 4,940,000 LUNDQVIST, HENRIK 4,250,000 MALIK, MAREK 2,500,000 MARA, PAUL 3,000,000 ORR, COLTON 537,500 POCK, THOMAS 667,500 PRUCHA, PETR 1,600,000 ROZSIVAL, MICHAL 2,100,000 SHANAHAN, BRENDAN 2,500,000 STRAKA, MARTIN 3,300,000 STRUDWICK, JASON 500,000 TYUTIN, FEDOR 987,500 VALIQUETTE, STEPHEN 617,500 TOTAL: 48,147,976 with Kaspar: 51,136,976 with Shanny's 1st bonus: 50,147,976 with Shanny's full bonus: 50,947,976
  14. Today is the day for Avery

    According to the CBA, Avery and his manager were not supposed to leak the Abitration documents to the press. So, what happens? The biggest bottomfeeder in the NY media, Larry Brooks, publishes it and takes things out of context. I don't think Sean Avery is smart enought to think of doing that himself. It smells of a poor manager. Now the whole process is tainted. Avery and his manager are pretty stupid to piss off Glen Sather or for that matter the NY fans. We don't like being jerked around. Avery comes to Broadway and lights a spark. Bulls***! It was the confluence of several events, Callahan, Girardi stepping up, not the least of which was Lundqvist going lights out down the stretch. Avery was good but it was hardly like Messier coming from Edmonton. Sather sent Cullen at $2.8 back to Carolins and Cullen has more upside then Avery. If the Rangers offer Avery around $2million he should take it and shut his mouth. Avery should remember that after being shipped from Detroit, he has a another chance to play for a premier original six NHL franchise in the Big Apple. Avery needs to take the humble pill, come in here next year and play his ass off. If he doesn't want to re-up with the Rangers when he's a UFA in '08, f*** him. He can go and play in some backwater franchise like Sunrise or Phoenix. I'm sure Elisha will like that.
  15. Shanahan

    He's ours now. You can't have him back! How about Montoya and Prucha for Datsyuk?