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  1. Player vs. Player

    Forsberg Dino Cicarelli or Dale Hawerchuk
  2. Player vs. Player

    Richard Enrico Ciccone or Sergio Momesso?
  3. Wings sign Drake for 1-year, $550K

    I'm sure Lebda is glad Drake's on his side now:
  4. What about Nils Ekman?

    I couldn't agree more with this statement: "Granted the Wings team is not a bunch of pukes, but you don't have to have a bunch of pukes to win. Anaheim beat Detroit because Detroit's defense was not the same group that started the playoffs. The Wings hung tough and they out hit Calgary and San Jose and both those teams were suppose to eat Detroit alive, didn't happen. This team is tougher than some give it credit for being." Wings do need to add more players that demonstrate desire and hustle: two ingredients necessary for post-season success. Getting rid of Lang and Calder is actually a step in the right direction - this should give more time to Filpulla, Cleary, but they still need a goal-scoring winger. However, Holland may need to trade to find one... Hudler anyone?
  5. It was a good season

    Thanks boys... Detroit's still a hell of a hockey team - glad to see them re-establish themselves as a playoff contender. GO WINGS.