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  1. 10 Greatest Red Wings Of All Time...

    No one is going to go out on a limb and pick Jamie Macoun????? WTF
  2. Lidstrom talks about the hit

    Haven't been on this board in ages, but the news on Lids today brought me back. Anyhoo... My $0.02: Anytime you have a "spot", "lump", "small tear" whatever...inside the knee...it ain't good. Sorry. Not trying to be a pessimist but I have had 4 (2 scopes & 2 major) knee surgeries and have looked at a fair share of MRI prints. The question will be whether or not they have to go in to fix anything before the playoffs. Collectively we hope not. Second, regardless of prognosis it is the best interest of Lids and the team to downplay the injury. If he is hurt they don’t want players targeting him. He has been durable as hell his whole career; but ask anyone, once you damage a knee you are more prone to further injury. Moreover, Modry and Blake are off the trade table and the trading price for top 4 D-men will only go up. Having Lidstrom hurt only weakens Holland’s ability to negotiate with another team/agent. The truth about this injury will not be known until the Wings are done with the season and playing golf.
  3. Anyone hear this?...MERGED

    This move makes about as much sense hemophiliac working quality control at the Gillette Razor Blade line....