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  1. steverman

    9/16 Pre-Season GDT : Red Wings 4 at Penguins 1

    Tatar deserves a spot
  2. steverman

    Bob Probert: 2 Years Ago Today

    <--- Avatar says it all.
  3. steverman

    An outside the box idea.

    Yet the Wings still see something in Kindl...
  4. This is going to be tough. Minutes after the signing my brother called me and asked, "who's the last player you'd want to see the Wings pick up?" First I said Sean Avery. "Guess again." Nailed it. TWEEET TOOOT PHWEEET TWEEDLE TOOOOO This talk about no whistles? Hundred bux says the Joe SELLS the effin' things. They've already got boxes on the way from China.
  5. steverman

    Sheldon Brookbank Signs With Chicago

    Another reason to loathe the Hawks.
  6. steverman

    WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3

    5-2 Wings. Datsyuk Abdelkader Holmstrom Lidstrom Rafalski I also expect a far more evenly called game tonight. I have to believe that the officials watch tapes of the mess they've made. (Not blaming officiating entirely of course...)
  7. steverman

    Why do other NHL teams' fans hate the Wings?

    I believe that all real hockey fans deep down love the Wings and hate themselves for it. Now hear me out: You're sitting on your couch in Denver and Dats puts a ******* spell on Craig Anderson and the puck is shelved before Anderson has felt the breeze. You want to turn to high-five your buddy sooo bad because you're here for the show (and there are no true Avs fans) but you absolutely can't for fear of breaking up your friend's misty pout. Deep inside he wants to do the same thing out of amazement and appreciation but doesn't want to feel like a traitor. This buildup causes deep frustration and spills out all over the place as I HATE (that I love) THE RED WINGS!!! Hell, I dunno.
  8. steverman

    Go Ducks

    Whatever... Wings in 5
  9. steverman


    True Rob, but Booter would fill a very different kind of need than Hudler. It's situational. I'm (obviously by my sig) very in favor of seeing Booter get his time in this year, he deserves it. Hell, he's already proven he can hang with 22 games in Detroit 03-04.
  10. steverman

    What do we forsee for some players?

    This won't happen, at least not right away. From what I understand the DRW brass was not all that impressed with Booter's day on/day off play. I for one think he's worth his salt and then some but he's going to have to impress the powers that be for a few games before he is given a role to fill like McCarty's. I'd like to see it, I'm a huge Booter fan. Let's just hope he gets picked back up to begin with.