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  1. Finishing up with "these two studs" really makes the 'sex/success' blunder that much more awesome.
  2. I have no doubt that he would take a job elsewhere. The idea that Yzerman is the "heir apparent" gives the short of the stick firmly to Nill, who has certainly paid his dues under Holland and is familiar with the organization at all levels. It would be cool to see Stevie as Detroit's GM but it's hardly a given.
  3. I'd love to see a better shot of that Bert penalty. It was on the edge of the picture from both angles I saw. Based on that it look like he maybe sneezed on Keith on the way by.
  4. Chicago's goaltending doesn't suck so much as it's incredibly inconsistent. Niemi's stats are good but I don't think he's played many games so the average is a little misleading. Huet, on the other hand, can never decide whether or not he sucks.
  5. Personally, I don't think the comparison is even fair. Kronwall has had years more development and has been a defenseman for his entire professional career. E was a foraward until coming across the pond. At this point, Kronwall wins hands down but, as I said, this is apples and oranges. Give E another few years and we'll see then. I'd like to see him play the body more and unleash his shot more.
  6. It's not just you.
  7. This whole thing boggles my mind. It's like everyone just went collectively bonkers. Also, the line from the news broadcast, "It's not a disgrace; it's hockey," is priceless. The thing that bums me out is the exchange on the youtube link. At the end, right after the priceless line quoted above, you see the newscaster just shake her head in disbelief. That face is what most non-fans think about hockey, which is really too bad. I've lost count of how many times I've had to justify my love of hockey. I'm in academia and let's just say I don't meet a lot of kindred spirits. I've had to get into it with people who think hockey is about as legit as the WWF. That's a sad thing.
  8. I haven't thought about it because it isn't going to happen. Howard is having a great rookie year but he'd be the first to admit he created a lot of those shot opportunities himself by letting out far too many rebounds. One excellent game doesn't mean it's time to go bananas and trade the other guy. Nor is there anything in that article (or any other that I've read) that would imply that a trade is even being contemplated.
  9. Well that was seemingly inevitable. Wings should be ashamed of themselves with this nonsense.
  10. Woooooooot! We just had to wait for the PP to end!
  11. Officially? See the handy "Forum Rules" at the top left of your screen:
  12. That was awesome.
  13. I had no problem believing that they might rack up a bill this high. I've spent $400 for only two people at a decent french restaurant (before grad school when I had actual income). Trying to argue the bill down is just sleazy (sort of like not tipping).
  14. I definitely saw this one coming. His players just aren't playing for him reliably. I live in St. Louis so I see a lot of Blues games (on TV! I'm not rich or something!). There were definitely high hopes for this team after last year's end-of-season run. They have a lot of good pieces but there's been something preventing them from gelling. I don'really think Murray was the culprit but players tend not to get fired.