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  1. NY Speculation: Trade Jagr?

    Oops. I didn't realize I accidentally opened a thread from 2004.
  2. Florida Wants Hudler For Bertuzzi

    The rumored return for Bertuzzi has now been reduced to a conditional pick. Sorry, no link. I would do that one , though. If he's healthy and plays for the Wings, Florida enjoys all the spoils of a 1st. If he's a bust and doesn't play an allotted amount of games, the Wings lose oout on a 3rd (or whatever). As for people being hypocrites for wanting Todd on the Wings after the horrible incident...of course we're hypocrites! We love having Chelios in red and white, right? We spent the past 2 weeks typing up scenarios that would net us one Peter Forsberg, right? We miss the hell out of Darrin McCarty (the '95-'99 version), right?
  3. '94 SI Cover- When the NHL was Hot

    It seems to me that if the NHL was allowed to grow at the pace it was back then and Bettman never got his grubby NBA paws all over the sport, that the league would be in a much better spot than it is now. Plain and simple: Gary Bettman has reduced NHL hockey to what it is today. If you don't view that as an unspeakable crime against a once great "cult" sport, then you either got into hockey in the last 10 years or you don't appreciate "good" hockey.
  4. To trade, or not to trade...

    Sounds like it's time to abbreviate the user name to just "uofmfan" to me.

  6. Name that line

    Hey, great film, Crymson.
  7. I Hope We Trade Kronwall

    You seem like a savvy young hockey viewer. I think you're keen enough, brilliant enough and sensitive enough to notice aspects of the game that 98% of the general public does not even notice. Just a hunch. Serious sidenote: you DO realize that you compared the guy to possibly the best defenseman to ever play the game, don't you? What am I saying? Of course you realize that. You are keen, brilliant and sensitive.
  8. TSN: Red Wings interested in Bertuzzi

  9. Available Wingers

    I'd add Bertuzzi to the list... and most certainly Fedotenko.
  10. A Car Crash In Slow Motion

    Worthless. Cowardly. No balls. Shameful. Hypocritical. Claude Lemieux? Well, yes, of course. But, I was actually referring to the NHL. 'Cause, if you remember correctly, after Mr. Lemieux nearly became a murderer on the ice, he was dealt a firm and swift punishment: 2 game suspension!! 'Cause the league can't deny an NHL embassador like Claude the privilege of playing in the Finals. He received a harsher lashing from Bowman in the parking lot! Shame on the NHL!
  11. SFE: Wings looking at 'star player' by deadline

    I think we need to define "physical play". If by "physical play" you mean "6'3" 227lbs wrecking ball who smashes opposing defensemen into pieces in the corners", then you are right, Zetterberg isn't "physical". But, if you mean by "physical play" a willingness to go in the corners, not back down from anyone, go to the front of the net and win battles for the puck, then YES, Zetterberg is "physical". He was our best forward last spring...I don't care how many goals Lang scored.
  12. SFE: Wings looking at 'star player' by deadline

    You're a smart one. The scenario you laid out can't fail. Look how it paid off for, Quebec.
  13. Alexei Morozov

    Uhhhh...Draper's Canadian.
  14. Federov ---> To the canadiens ?

    If there is one team of 29 that Sergei would plead not to be traded to, it's Detroit. Relentless booing does has its repercussions...
  15. Interesting notes from Spector

    It's funny how easy you make these three major moves sound. Just a pinch of salt, a tsp of sugar and stir... Tkachuk AND Smyth over Datsyuk? Gonna miss you... Oh yeah...I keep forgetting we have Peter Bondra.