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  1. Potential Stanley Cup final here. Tied up early.
  2. Wings/Preds games always seem to be good watching, i'll be watching. 4-2 Wings.
  3. You're right, Thornton will get his points no matter what but last season Cheechoo was taken off of the Thornton line at times and he struggled. This season Cheechoo should be kept on the Thornton line and they will both produce because of it, thats what I meant. The Sharks might not have the best defense but I personally see Nabokov as one hell of a goaltender, their kinda in the same boat as Pittsburgh but I see Nabby being a better goaltender then Fleury right now. They will score a lot of points and with some good goaltending (which Nabokov is capable of IMO) be kept in the game.
  4. Yes, it is very exciting. I wish Fox Sports West or Fox Prime Ticket would broadcast it but I dont think they do It would be great to see a hockey game, even if it is preseason.
  5. Living in Southern California hockey coverage is mediocre at best so I wouldnt be caught without Center Ice. Im with DirecTV and just got my bill the other day, 4 payments of $37.25 or about $149. I'll gladly pay it.
  6. I can personally see them making a run for the cup. I think everyone expects a better year out of Cheechoo which equates to a great year for Thornton, thats a lot of offense right there plus throw in Michalek and Marleau among others and offense shouldnt be a problem. Their defense isnt much to write home about defensively but offensively they can put up the numbers plus they have Nabby who, if healthy, should be great between the pipes. I can see them being a favorite in the West.
  7. Not bad I guess, im not wild about it but it looks really simple and kinda blah. Better then some of the recent jerseys to come out though.
  8. I got lucky. A few days after they won the cup I was in this local club called Sutra Lounge in Costa Mesa, during the season Perry is almost always there every week along with some other players. But anyways I saw the cup being carried in and it sat in their VIP area till they left, it was cool how they took the cup clubbing with them
  9. You guys are just jealous of Cherepanovs awesomeness.
  10. I'd love to join if you guys would accept a non-Wing fan into the fold
  11. I wish DirecTV got TSN. That would be so sweet. But this would be good too.
  12. God, totally forgot about Daze. Its amazing one person can get injured so much, and it sucks because he had some nice potential too.
  13. Wow, this is a total shocker to me. Gomez AND Drury, wow.....just wow.
  14. Yeah I think its safe to assume Nylander and Shanny are both on their way out.
  15. So far one of the better, if not the best signing of the day.