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  1. This. Also, I enjoy your avatar.
  2. id be alright with it, but since its Belle Tire doing it, im not. first i have to watch a couple dozen of their stupid commercials during FSN wings broadcasts, now i have to stare at their name while i watch the game. belle tire can f*** off, i will never buy tires from them. so annoying.
  3. haha yes LOL'd.
  4. id take him. just the idea of him possibly being better than lebda/meech gets me excited. and he is only 23, so it can only get better, right??? anybody who says they dont want him is just retarded. maybe he hasnt lived up to expectations yet, but i mean c'mon he is only 23... lets not give up on him already. probably will never happen, but if kenny did do it id be excited.
  5. pretty sure i wouldent want him back anyway.
  6. horrible period. still plenty of time left though, so lets hope they wake up during intermission.
  7. oh yes i remember that pass to hull.... much harder for him to get away with that stuff though now a days!!!
  8. IMO Franzen is a natural goal scorer. But that doesnt help us much at the moment....
  9. been said many times, but no it will not and should not happen. i love shanny as does most other people here, and he was a key part to this team for awhile, but he didnt start nor finish his career here.
  10. Is this thread for real right now??
  11. Haha I was reading through some of their gameday thread and found this post by "DirtyHarry": lol anyway good win for us, Howard really impressed me as he did everyone, just needs to keep this kind of play up. Canucks played a solid game, I really think Howard was the difference maker in this one for sure.
  12. Doesn't lids always get off to a slow start, as far as putting up points is concerned? Im not worried. He will score 10 at the very least by the end of the year.
  13. Williams was garbage tonight. I didnt even realize he was playing until about half way through the game. He has the ability to just disappear and kinda float around. But when he doesn't do that he is solid. He has a great shot and great stick handling ability.