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  1. I wish Lidstrom had as heart and love for the game that he does instead of quitting on us
  2. I don't think you will find anyone out there who would say Lidstrom was better than Gordie Howe Yzerman's was the 20th game of the season, perhaps they picked a date where they figured ticket sales would need a boost? It was against the Ducks so who knows.
  3. If Yzerman's wasn't until January you better believe that Lidstrom's won't be till mid season, to be honest it's an insult to Yzerman if his number is retired at all this season. Only Howe and Yzerman are the only two Red Wings to get their number retired immediately. Lidstrom can wait a year or two like the others. (or 30-40 in some cases lol)
  4. Signed

    He will be a steal in the last two years of that deal
  5. Trade

    Hossa signed with a major rival, hence the booing. Stuart did the same, hence there will be booing. Neither player owed us anything, but we couldn't afford Hossa so Stuart deserves it more than Hossa. Give it 3 years and no one will care anymore, same thing happened to Fedorov. Most people are fans of the team's well being not the players.
  6. Looks like we'll be getting that 7th round pick now
  7. Trade

    I'm not a New Jersey fan so why would I care. If I was a New Jersey fan then yes I would have felt the same way.
  8. Hudler will be back 25+ goal scorers don't grow on trees.....
  9. I named the 4 things that I don't like about the Joe, there are a lot more things that I want to keep. Changing those 4 things would make a new arena not neccessary IMO. I go to a hockey game to watch hockey not to look at a building
  10. Trade

    Don't let the door hit you on the ass Stuart. I don't feel bad for anyone who makes multiple million dollars a year in a occupation that is not family friendly and then complains about not getting to see their family. If he really wanted to see them more he'd just retire.
  11. They better not. That would be an insult to Yzerman. It's ******* bulls*** that his number wasn't retired on opening night. Lidstrom can wait a year or two, maybe tie it into his HOF induction
  12. Get rid of the goal horn, it's too boring. We need something deep that annoys opposing fans like the hawks predators stars and ducks. Get rid of Karen Newman, she has always sounded awful and isn't Attractive as she thinks she is by the way she dresses. The "new" pa announcer who handles most of the announcements must go too, his voice tone is too high pitched for the job. And for the love of god. Hey Hey Hockeytown needs to be either refreshed or retired. It makes me wanna sit down instead of cheer and be loud.
  13. Well it's kind of hard to chant c***sucker but I'd imagine the booing he will get will be 10x's louder than anything Fedorov ever got when he came back here
  14. How about chanting "C**Ksucker" every time he touches the puck