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  1. Training Camp Roster

    Hackert starts training this week at his last club frankfurt lions. he brakes his splint-bone and shin-bone in april this year. he said, he wants to come in 1,2 or 3 weeks to detroit.
  2. Wings to sign prospects

    Sometimes thats right, but also for some AHL Guys with good scoring is it also a step up to playing in the DEL. It´s a different Hockey, small rings - big rings.
  3. Wings to sign prospects

    Hallo from Frankfurt, Michael is not a 4th line Player. His potenial is to play in a scoring line. Detroit have enough Checking Line Players. Michael ist a Scorer. Give him time, and he can a star in Detroit. At the moment he´s injured, with a broken cnemial. (hope this is correkt). Thats Hackert And thats the way to score goals ...